Web Conference Remote Workers

Our desktop web conferencing tool is ideal for human resources departments, enabling you to conduct interviews and onboard new remote employees with ease.

Web Conference Remote Workers

Web conference remote workers and hires has become more common thanks to technology that bridges distances while allowing real work to get done. Various tools make it possible to interact with job candidates without requiring expensive travel. For example, you can use video and audio conferencing tools to conduct interviews remotely, allowing you and the candidate to interact in real time. Video conferencing allows you to see one another face-to-face, emulating an in-person interview. It doesn’t end there. Let’s look at how you can use web conferencing to help your new hire get up to speed during the on boarding process.

How to Use Web Conferencing to Onboard a Remote Employee

Share and Explain New Hire Paperwork

As with any new employee, there are a lot of forms to fill out including tax forms, contracts, NDAs, insurance forms, and more. Using a web conferencing tool allows you to share these forms electronically as well as interact using video or audio conferencing. Not only can you share the forms with the remote worker, you can go over each one as needed. Since you’ll be connected in a web conference, you can answer any questions about the forms or benefits package immediately.

Depending on the amount of initial paperwork you have, you might deliver and explain the company policy manual during this session or schedule a second web conference to go over it. It’s not a bad idea to share the manual at the end of this web conference, give the employee time to read it and then meet again in a second conference to go over expectations and answer questions of the Web Conference Remote Workers.

Conduct an Orientation Session

Once the paperwork has been formalized, consider using a web conference for orientation. If you’ve recently hired several remote employees, this can be a group conference which both saves time and effort on your part while helping them to feel part of a larger team. With our web conferencing service, your remote employees can join from around the world using a standard web browser and Internet connection. During the conference, you can present a PowerPoint, play YouTube videos, demonstrate company software and more. Consider having supervisors or even the CEO join the session briefly to introduce themselves or share their stories and vision.

Introduce the New Hire to the Team

Whom will the remote worker be working with on a regular basis? Whom will he or she report directly to? Schedule a “get acquainted” web conference between these key individuals. Work with the supervisor beforehand to set an agenda and invite the appropriate team members to the conference. For example, in addition to sharing some background information about each team member, the supervisor may want to discuss the current project or first assignment. 

Web Conferencing Remote Workers to Conduct Training Sessions

Web conferences remote workers are ideal for training hires. Whether you use a specific type of software that needs to be taught or have a certain philosophy or proven sales process you want all team members to be well versed in, web conferencing is an excellent tool for training. You can even record and repurpose these sessions with just a click of the record button.

Provide Feedback

Just as you regularly conduct performance reviews with your on-premises team, the remote worker deserves the same courtesy. Fortunately, web conferencing can be used in this situation as well.

Our desktop web conferencing tool is ideal for human resources departments, enabling you to conduct interviews and onboard new remote employees with ease. We offer a free, 30-day trial and competitive monthly rates without a contract.

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