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If you’re looking for a convenient, engaging way to get your team together, a virtual workshop is something to consider.

Holding Virtual Workshops with the help of a Conferencing Tool

Conferencing Tool Enables Workshops with an effective means of collectively building a team’s skills. Holding a workshop has a lot of benefits beyond the actual training including the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your team members. However, the logistics involved in gathering a group together for a workshop can be tricky, especially if your team is scattered geographically.

Conferencing Tools

From meeting room rentals and catering to flights and accommodations, costs can quickly grow, too. If travel is required, you may also experience a short-term productivity loss due to team members having to take time off to travel to the workshop. As wonderful as it is to get the team together in person, there’s another option: holding virtual workshops with our audio, video and web conferencing tool. Here are a few pointers.

Determine the format — Does the training require visuals or will an audio conference alone suffice? Video and web conferencing are ideal for holding a virtual workshop where video will play a key role. If you also intend to share files or give a PowerPoint presentation, your virtual workshop will need to be in a visual format. If you don’t need visuals, audio conferencing is an another way to go. Consider also the advantages and disadvantages of the different conferencing options.

With video and web conferencing, your attendees will need Internet access and a standard web browser to join. With audio conferencing, a standard phone connection is all that’s needed. If you have attendees from around the globe, our international conferencing plan makes joining your audio conference a simple matter of dialing a local or toll free number specific to each participant’s country.

Determine the size and scope of your virtual workshop — There’s a big difference between holding an audio conference call with 10 people and one with hundreds or even thousands on the call. For large events, contact us to learn more about our assisted event conferencing services. If you’re holding a video conference, how many people need to appear on screen via webcam?

Video conferencing is an excellent choice for smaller teams, enabling everyone to see and interact with one another. You may also want to have a series of individual presenters, passing the presenter’s role from one person to the next as your workshop progresses.

Prepare your materials — As with a live workshop, you’ll need to do a lot of planning and preparation beforehand. You may even want to pre-produce some of your presentations for live playback during the workshop. Having them done in advance relieves some of the stress of the day’s events.

Invite your team — Since the workshop is being held via audio, video or web conference, there’s no need for anyone to travel, which should increase attendance. If the workshop is for your own internal team, you could even make attendance mandatory.

Record your workshop sessions — Our conferencing tools make recording easy. Your recordings can be added to your learning management system, allowing your team to rewatch any session they might have missed or want to review at their leisure. Future team members can also benefit from your previous virtual workshops.

If you’re looking for a convenient, engaging way to get your team together, a virtual workshop is something to consider. Our affordable, contract-free audio, video, and web conferencing tool can help you make it happen.

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