Virtual Workplace

Your Virtual Workplace Can be a Liberating Experience

If you’re using Zoom, Slack, or other communications tools for your hybrid business communication activity, they could be taking away from a key element behind it: YOUR brand.

A virtual workplace you'll actually like. You can host internal and external video meetings and chatrooms, collaborate on documents, even share big files, all privately at your own domain with your own logo and branding.

As you build your business and utilize a communications tool to connect with both colleagues and customers, many existing platforms tend to impose their brands on your meeting or event. That’s can be a problem and counterproductive.

Give Your Brand the prominence it deserves

Our Virtual Workplace communications tool resides on your domain, with your logo branding only. (that’s the default, even with our free trial)

You’ll never see our branding anywhere at any time, simply upload your logo to make our tool your own.

Branding your virtual work space

Branding your Virtual Workplace can boost internal teams’ morale as your brand shows prominence when communicating internally.

Your branding enables external customers and prospects to see your brand whenever they communicate with you, whereas other tools could make your communications solutions feel generic and less special.

Regardless of your brand design, you’ll be enabled to easily create the look and feel you desire with a platform that’s consistently reliable for communicating and collaborating internally and externally.

Adopting a hybrid communications model has become frequently critical for many businesses. In various industries, the hybrid model may be permanent.

Opening the lines of communication with a hybrid platform so that your workforce can continue to connect with one another is crucial.

Virtual Workplace

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Interactive Options

Live Chat:

Most event platforms provide a place for online event attendees to chat amongst themselves and with the host. For non-networking events, like a webinar, this function is often turned off.

However, this can be a fantastic space for your attendees to interact with each other, and even get real-time feedback about your event.


This is a place for your online attendees to leave their questions for your speaker to answer. Having this function as a separate widget allows for more organization than just using the chatbox.

Often, questions that are not answered by the speaker are answered via text in the Q&A widget. With Virtual Workplace, you get a Q&A included, no additional add-ons or third-party software needed.


Polls are where your audience can respond anonymously to previously set questions. For more interactive presentations, webinars or to get feedback at the end of an event, polls can be a key component to a successful online event. Polls taking is built-in to Virtual Workplace.

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