Is it Time to Get Virtual Phone Numbers for France?

We include a variety of advanced features like local ring tones, auto attendant, fax forwarding, sequential ringing and more.

Nice in South FranceCommunicating with colleagues, clients, family members, and friends when moving between the United States and France has its challenges, especially if you rely on voice communications.

Getting virtual phone numbers for France is a viable communications solution that will make it both easy and affordable to stay in touch. Here’s how a France virtual number can help.

Using a Virtual Phone Number for US-based Callers to Reach You in France

First, you’ll need a convenient way for your US-based callers to reach you while you’re in France. International virtual phone numbers for USA callers look and act like any other toll free or local number; however, you’ll set up your destination phone number for a phone that you use and answer in France. This could be a France mobile phone that you use while in the country, a hotel room phone, or a physical phone in your office in France.

For example, you could get a virtual phone number for France that is local to Houston, Texas or toll free. Your colleagues in Houston can dial a local number, yet your phone in France will ring.

To your callers, the cost of the call is minimal. If they’re in Houston, only local toll charges, if any, would apply. Had you given them your direct line in France rather than a global virtual number, they might not call. Not only is dialing a foreign phone number intimidating for some people, many will have legitimate concerns about the potential cost of the call. France virtual phone numbers eliminate these barriers.

Using a France Virtual Phone Number for French Callers to Reach You in Both Countries

What about your contacts in France? Virtual phone numbers for Paris, Dijon, Nice, Orleans, and dozens of other cities are available as are toll free national numbers. If you travel between countries, it makes sense to order a France virtual phone number for your French contacts to reach you regardless of where you might be at any given time.

In this example, you’d order a France virtual phone number and change your destination phone number as needed. For example, when working in France, you could have your destination phone number ring to your mobile phone, local office, or hotel phone. Then, when you return home, you could switch your destination phone number to your main office number or mobile phone.

France Virtual Number Database

Again, your callers would dial a local or toll free number, yet your phone would ring to a phone located elsewhere in the world. The audio quality is exceptional thanks to modern fiber optic networks and PSTN technology. We also include a variety of advanced features like local ring tones, auto attendant, fax forwarding, sequential ringing and more.

Meanwhile, you could use your France virtual phone number to make cheap international calls when you’re in France. For example, you could temporarily change the ring to number to your home phone number in USA. To speak to your family, you’d make a local call — yet your call would be routed to your home phone.

The Benefits of Using Contract-Free France Virtual Phone Numbers

Our contract-free France virtual phone numbers are available in prepaid buckets of minutes. Simply pick the number type (toll free or city-specific) and the number of minutes you intend to use for the month and begin using your global virtual phone number. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

Whether you need a France virtual number for ongoing communications or for a season, our flexible contract-free plans allow you to stay in touch conveniently and affordably.