How a Virtual Phone Number Benefits Your Caller

Virtual Number Benefits
Virtual Number Benefits
Virtual Number Benefits

How a Virtual Phone Number Benefits Your Callers

Virtual phone numbers offer many benefits to you and your callers alike. While you may want a virtual phone number for your own sake, you may not realize how useful your choice is to your callers as well. Here’s a quick look at how a virtual number can benefit your callers.

  • No toll charges – If you order a virtual phone number in your callers’ local dialing area, your callers will not incur toll charges whenever they need to reach you. For example, if you have a child attending college in Pennsylvania and you live in Florida, ordering a virtual number local to your child’s campus ensures that your child can call you anytime without incurring long distance fees. Similarly, you can order a toll free virtual phone number if desired.
  • Peace of mind – Providing local virtual numbers for your customers can reassure them that your company does indeed serve their community. When looking for new service providers, many people prefer to call local phone numbers. They don’t want to call a remote call center that is unfamiliar with their community or may not even serve it. By having a local phone number, you are signaling that you are committed to serving that community. While the phone may ring to a remote call center, the fact that you have invested in a local phone number shows that you fully intend to provide local service.
  • Improved service – Everyone wants to receive great customer service. While a virtual phone number doesn’t necessarily improve customer service, it can help ensure that calls are routed to service representatives even if the office is closed for lunch. For example, you can use time of day routing to route calls to your main office if the office that normally handles those calls is closed for some reason.

Doesn’t it make sense to reduce costs, ease stress, and provide better customer service? A virtual phone number can help you achieve all three.

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  1. I could not resist commenting. Exceptionally well written! I will be signing up for my company. We do business in Vietnam and I had no idea we could have a Hanoi local number.

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