Improve Service with Virtual Phone Numbers Featuring Automatic Call Recording

For example, if you need to record an interview, ask the person you’re interviewing to call you on your virtual phone number with automatic call recording enabled.

Virtual Number Automatic Phone Call RecordingVirtual phone numbers are ideal for routing calls from various locations across the country — or around the world — to a centralized call center. In fact, you may already be using virtual phone numbers to do just that.

As you know, virtual phone numbers can reduce your costs, establish a local business presence in locations far and wide, and improve operational efficiency.

By adding automatically call recording to the mix, your virtual phone numbers can help to improve service.

Here’s what you need to know about our new automatic call recording add-on.

  • Call recording is an affordable, optional add-on — Rather than investing in recording equipment or upgrading your phone system, you can get the benefits of automatic call recording by adding it as a service to your virtual phone numbers. It costs just a few dollars per month per virtual phone number. If you find that call recording is not for you, you can cancel the add-on at any time with no penalties.
  • Virtual phone number call recording is flexible — Do you want to record all incoming calls over your virtual phone number or just a small percentage? Simply set up your preference and let the call recording system do its work.

Why Enable Automatic Call Recording?

Businesses use call recording for several reasons including CSR training, compliance assurance, and opportunity mining. For example, one of the best ways to evaluate your customer service representatives is by listening in. Whether you record every call as it comes through your virtual phone number or opt to record one out of ten, you’ll have plenty of recordings for each CSR to listen to.

Does your CSR answer promptly? Greet the customer correctly? Sound professional and knowledgeable? Follow the script correctly? Build rapport with customers? Solve problems satisfactorily? The answers to these questions can be found in your call recordings.

Periodically listening to call recordings can also help you keep the pulse of your business, learn about potential opportunities, and more. For example, it’s not unusual for customers to talk about your competitors when they speak with your staff, but that information doesn’t always find its way back to upper management. By listening to your virtual phone numbers’ call recordings, you may gain insight into your competitors’ offers or trends affecting your industry.

Using automatic call recording with your virtual phone numbers can also help you comply with various legislation, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, that require electronic records of business transactions. For compliance purposes, you’ll want to set up your automatic call recording feature so that it records all incoming calls to your virtual phone number automatically. You’ll also want to upgrade to long-term storage of your recorded phone calls or arrange to store your recordings permanently.

Many of our customers have come up with creative uses for automatic call recording with their virtual phone numbers. For example, if you need to record an interview, ask the person you’re interviewing to call you on your virtual phone number with automatic call recording enabled. How will you use your call recording feature?

We’d love to hear your ideas, too.

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