Virtual Assistant Takes Incoming Calls from USA Using Virtual Phone Numbers

Initially, the virtual number is set up to ring to the number you assigned as the destination number when placing your service request.

Virtual AssistantVirtual Assistant used by business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers handle a variety of tasks ranging from graphic design, social media, and proofreading to transcription, taking meeting notes, and even answering phone calls.

In today’s ever-connected world, these tasks can be completed remotely. In fact, many virtual assistants are located overseas. Depending on the locations involved and the times of day your assistant is available for work, it may make sense to forward your calls after hours.

For example, let’s say you’re located in Los Angeles, California and have been working with an assistant based in the Philippines. When it’s 5:00 pm in Los Angeles, it’s 8:00 am in the Philippines, making it perfect for her to handle your incoming calls once you call it a day. Whether you train her to provide customer service or simply act as an answering service is up to you. Either way, you’ll need a convenient, affordable way for her to take your incoming calls, and the process will need to be seamless for your callers. Fortunately, this is easier than you may think.

Here’s how to set up your overseas assistant to take your incoming phone calls from the United States.

Virtual Assistant Getting USA-Philippines Phone Number

  1. Obtain an international virtual phone number for your business that’s local to the USA. You have many options here including choosing a local number (such as Los Angeles phone number with the 213 prefix in this example) or a toll-free number for the USA. Choose whichever number type makes the most sense for your business and customers. Remember, to your callers, your virtual USA phone number will look and act just like any other USA phone number. Your callers will not perceive the phone number as one that rings to the Philippines, which typically take the following format: 63-0x-xxxxxxx.
  1. Choose the country where your virtual assistant is located from the list, in this case, the Philippines. Enter your assistant’s phone number when prompted. This will be your “ring to” or “destination” number. Any calls made to your virtual number will be set up to ring to this phone number in the Philippines according to the schedule that you’ll set up shortly.
  1. Choose the plan with the appropriate number of monthly minutes you expect to use each month. Since our USA – Philippines virtual phone numbers are offered without a contract, you can upsize or downsize your plan as your needs change, or even cancel it without a penalty. You can even change the ring to number or country should you decide to use a different overseas virtual assistant in a different country take over.

There are a few optional features you may want to consider including rollover minutes, SMS text messaging, and call recording.

Setting Up Your Virtual Assistant Calling Features

Once you’ve made your selections and have activated your account, you can now set up your virtual phone number in a variety of ways.

Initially, the virtual number is set up to ring to the number you assigned as the destination number when placing your order. You can change this as needed as well as set up “time of day” routing so that calls are routed to specific phone numbers based on the time of day the calls are made. You could also set up your virtual number so that an auto attendant greets the callers and then prompts them to make certain choices such as speak to a live representative, leave a voicemail, or get recorded directions to your office. Each of these features is easy to use and can be managed and changed via an online portal.

As you can see, the possibilities are virtually endless. Low per minute rates and month-to-month plans make virtual phone numbers an excellent option when working with overseas virtual assistants.

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