Video Conference Builds Authentic Relationships Even Globally

Video conference is ideal for building both personal and business relationships despite geographic differences.

Video ConferenceVideo Conference Builds Authentic Relationships Despite Geographic Differences

Video conference benefits this time of year.  For many of us, summer is a time of transition. Students graduate, couples get married, military families move from one station to the next before school starts up again in the fall, individuals go on vacation, and the list goes on. As family members, friends, and business colleagues scatter across the country, or the globe, you’ll want to stay in touch. Social media, email, and cheap telephone service help make that possible, but you’ll also want to consider adding video conferencing to the mix. Here’s why.

  • Video conference is the easiest way to maintain that personal connection. While nothing compares to seeing each other in person, video conferencing is the next best thing. You can see facial expressions and body language and interact in real time. Today, with most computers, smartphones, and tablets readily equipped with cameras, microphones, and speakers, everyone already has the equipment needed to connect with you in a video conference.
  • Video conference allows for collaboration. Whether going over household bills with a deployed spouse, helping a college student with a challenging assignment, or taking a prospective homebuyer on a virtual tour of a property in their new hometown, screen sharing allows everyone to see the same screen with the same information at once. While you could certainly email screenshots or photos, real-time collaboration allows for more banter and feedback which naturally progresses the conversations. Likewise, you might also pick up on some unspoken feedback (such as a long pause) which might prompt you to ask if there’s anything wrong. These are the same times of conversations you’d likely have if you were physically present, making for a more authentic experience.
  • You can host one-on-one or a group video conference. Sometimes it makes sense to meet individually. Other times, you’ll want to have others join you. Video conferencing allows you to do just that, up to your conferencing plan’s limits of course.

Video Conference for Economical Collaboration

Video conference is ideal for building both personal and business relationships despite geographic differences. The basic equipment is already in your possession. All you need now is an affordable video conferencing plan with the features you want. Try a free 30-day trial of Video Pro and stay connected!

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