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U.S. Conference Calling with Toll-Free Access

Quality Conference Calling
Quality Conference Calling

US conference call with employees, virtual team members, colleagues, and business partners scattered across the United States and Canada, collaboration becomes more challenging. While a variety of online technologies and mobile apps help facilitate collaboration, sometimes you need to connect audibly.

Hosting a conference call is a great way to get the entire team together for a voice meeting. While free and low-cost conference calling options are available, it’s important to find the right balance between features, quality, and cost. Though paid and toll-free plans may be more expensive than a so-called no fee conferencing, it is possible to get the features you want at an attractive and affordable rate.

The Problem with Hosting a Low-Quality Conference Call

Free conference calls aren’t as free as they sound. If you choose a free conference call plan with a local phone number in Washington, DC, everyone who calls in from outside of the area will incur toll charges. This option can be attractive in some circumstances but is detrimental in others. For example, some participants may have concerns about how much the call will cost them; as a result, they may opt-out of the call. If your conference call involves an interesting prospect, the prospect could be concerned about the non-local phone number or question your cost sensitivity to others or credibility.

Some free conference call providers offer free conferences with advertisements. Others use unreliable VoIP telephone networks with poor sound quality. Ads and interference may be fine when you need to collaborate with your assistants but could be disastrous when your professional image is at stake.

If your conference calls will involve customers, prospects, VIPs, or budget-conscious consumers, it’s smarter to provide them with toll-free access to the conference call or use the moderator dial-out option, if available, to call these individuals directly.

Conduct an Audio Conference with No Computer Required, just any phone.

Gain a full-featured, business-class conferencing plan with included features such as a live conferencing viewer, account code entry, sub-account for other associates, security, post-call summaries, and free session recordings.

Holding a toll-free meeting is an affordable choice that doesn’t jeopardize your reputation or subject your participants to advertisements or toll charges. It’s not necessary to enroll in a long-term conference calling contract, either. Choose a pay-as-you-go conference calling plan and enjoy low-cost conference calling as needed with no contract.

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