Establishing a Local Presence in Thailand with Virtual Phone Numbers

Even if you need to hire a few Thai speakers to take those calls, you’ll have fewer costs and greater control over your market entry by centralizing operations.

Thailand BangkokAccording to the Embassy of the United States in Bangkok, Thailand, the United States and Thailand have had a commercial relationship spanning more than 180 years.

The embassy reports that expected market opportunities over the next few years include telecommunications, renewable energy, electrical power, broadcasting equipment, food processing and packaging equipment, medical products, cosmetics, educational services, and automotive accessories.

Other countries have free trade agreements with Thailand as well, making Thailand an attractive market for export businesses and investors from various points around the world.

If you plan on entering the market in Thailand, one easy way to begin establishing a local presence is with virtual Thailand phone numbers. These numbers, which are available in both toll free and national (+66 60) versions, are a type of international call forwarding number. Thus, you don’t need an actual branch office in Thailand in order to have a local Thailand phone number.

For example, if your main office is located in Houston, Texas but you sell goods to Thailand via a distributor in Bangkok, how will your customers in Thailand reach you should they have questions or need support? Giving them your Houston office’s toll free phone number won’t work because your toll free number only works in the North American region. What you need is a Thailand toll free virtual number.

With a virtual toll free number local to Thailand, your customers in Bangkok will dial what looks like any other toll free business phone number in Thailand. If you use a local ring tone, it will even sound like any other business number as it rings to your office in Houston. Unless you choose to tell your callers where you’re physically located, they’ll never know that they’ve just placed an international phone call.

If you provide them with a toll free virtual phone number for Thailand, they will not incur any charges whatsoever, even though the call is routed around the world. If you choose to use a national virtual phone number for Thailand, they may incur local tolls based on their location within Thailand. However, because the virtual number for Thailand conforms to the country’s numbering system, most callers will recognize whether they’re calling a number that’s local to them or not.

Thailand Virtual Number DatabaseUsing virtual phone numbers to set up a local presence in Thailand can save your business a lot of money each month compared to setting up a physical office and staffing it locally. Meanwhile, you can serve your Thai customers by using your existing staff to handle the virtual Thailand phone calls at your main office. Even if you need to hire a few Thai speakers to take those calls, you’ll have fewer costs and greater control over your market entry by centralizing operations.

Our virtual phone numbers for Thailand are available on a month-to-month basis — and they can adapt as your call volume grows. Both national and toll free virtual numbers for Thailand are available with affordable rates, excellent call quality, PBX-like features, IVR features, voice mail and voice mail to email, local ring tones, and more. Optional call recording and rollover minutes are also available. Best of all, there are no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no commitment!

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