Successful Virtual Number Strategies

There’s no need to rent office space or hire a local representative. Instead, international call divert routes those calls to your existing office staff in your home country.

Using an international virtual phone number is a fantastic way to create a local business presence in countries where you do business.

It eliminates cost concerns and looks familiar. Your customers will feel more confident dialing a familiar looking phone number than they would feel if presented with an overseas phone number.

They may also feel more confident in your abilities to serve them because you don’t appear to be located on the other side of the Earth.

In addition to appearing local and eliminating cost concerns, an international virtual phone number can save you a great deal of money. There’s no need to rent office space or hire a local representative. Instead, international call divert routes those calls to your existing office staff in your home country.

Finally, international virtual phone numbers are extremely portable. You can set them up to ring to any phone, at any time.

For example, if you decide to travel to Dublin to meet with your clients in person, you could change your Dublin international virtual phone number’s ring to number to a temporary mobile phone that you buy once you arrive in Dublin.

Your clients could then reach you using the same phone number. Likewise, should your main call center need to go offline due to a natural disaster, you can use international call forwarding to route your international phone calls to a secondary call center located elsewhere.

Should you get an international virtual phone number? If you conduct business overseas, the answer is yes.

Call Divert Service Basics

Do you want to provide better service to your customers or remain readily accessible no matter where in the world you may happen to be? If so, using a call divert service is an excellent idea.

Here’s what you need to know to get started:

  • Start with a reliable call divert service provider – You will need a service provider who: supports the countries involved, offers robust virtual phone services, provides high quality connections, and offers good rates. If you intend to use your call divert service to divert international calls, you will need an international call divert service provider that supports those countries. If not, a domestic service should be fine. It’s also important to choose a service provider that uses a high quality telecommunications network to route your calls rather than substandard VoIP routing. Make sure your call divert service provider offers the features that matter to you as well such as time of day routing, local ring tones, or auto attendant. Look for flexible service plans such as pay as you go plans with no contracts, no minimums, and no early termination fees.
  • Configure your call divert service – Once you’ve ordered your call divert service plan, it’s time to configure it. The first task is to designate its primary ring to number. Remember, you can change this number at any time. Next, set up your voicemail greeting and any other features you intend to use.
  • Explore your international call divert features – Most call divert services include some sort of Web or phone-based interface, or both. Familiarize yourself with these tools so that you are completely comfortable using it. Learn how to change your ring to number on the fly so that you can get the most flexibility out of your service as possible. You may want to bookmark your online call divert dashboard or memorize the phone-based call forwarding commands.
  • Publish your virtual phone number – Now that you have your call divert service plan and are comfortable working with your new virtual phone number, start sharing your number with others. If you ordered the number as a means for your office staff to find you, let them know they should use this number to reach you until further notice. On the other hand, if you ordered your call divert service as part of a marketing initiative, start publishing that number. Add it to your website, Facebook page, advertisements, and so on.

With a pay as you go call divert service, you can continue using your virtual phone number for as long as you deem necessary. Some call divert users keep their numbers indefinitely while others use them to track a single advertising campaign. By choosing a pay as you go service, the choice is up to you.

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