Stakeholder Conference Call | How to Prepare for International Attendees

Staying in touch with investors

It’s as important as ever, and conference calls are an effective means of sharing and gathering information. In today’s ever-connected world, it’s possible that some of your stakeholders live or work in other countries.

stakeholder conference calls meeting

Conducting an international conference call for stakeholders’ bridges the distance, bringing everyone together in a group audio conference. If you need to communicate with an international group, these tips will help you prepare for holding your next global conference call.

Stakeholder Conference Call Possibilities

  • Offer your stakeholder conference call invitees a toll-free or local access number specific to their countries. Our global conferencing plan provides for international access with 150 access numbers for countries around the world.
  • Review and pare down your attendee list, making sure that only those who truly need to participate are invited. Think about who actually needs to be on the stakeholder conference call.
  • Prepare your materials. If you’ll be sharing documents or giving a presentation, consider using a web conference rather than a strictly audio conference. We offer web and video conferencing that works beautifully alongside our international conference calling plans. If you prefer an audio conference, send any materials and the conference call’s agenda to the stakeholders in advance so they can refer to them during the discussion.
  • Rehearse your part of the conference call. Running through a few rehearsals will help to build your confidence as well as fine-tune your presentation. It can also help prepare you mentally for the conversations you’re likely to have during your conference call.
  • Make sure all attendees have access to the conference call. If any of your stakeholders are located in countries that do not have local access numbers, you can use our leader dial-out function to manually join them into your global conference call. Alternatively, one of our operators can join these participants into your call on your behalf.
  • Kick-off your stakeholder conference call by quickly going over a few housekeeping tasks. For example, you might want to review how to mute and unmute phone lines or let participants know that you’re recording the call.
  • You’ll also want to go over the objectives of the call and set expectations for how the audio conference will progress. For example, if you’ve reserved a portion of the call for questions and answers, let the attendees know that they’ll have time to ask questions at the end of the call.

Whether serving a group, corporate, organization, members or other category of stakeholder, businesses can use stakeholder conference calls to ensure their investors stay informed no matter where in the world they may be located such as Switzerland, U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany or anywhere globally.

Holding a stakeholder conference call is a great way to keep investors in the loop. Since you can easily record your audio conference calls, you can keep a detailed record for posterity or share your recordings with stakeholders who were unable to attend your audio conference live. Our international conferencing plans offer an affordable, contract-free way to host global conference calls.

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