Smartphone International Conference Calls

Smartphone International Conference Calls

Smartphone International Conference Calls and international participants on a smartphone has its challenges — for you and for participants. Even if you have just three attendees in total and use your phone’s three-way calling feature, dialing an international number requires entering your country’s exit code and the other partys’ country codes. You’ll need to determine those in advance. Meanwhile, your phone’s calling plan may not support international calling, throwing yet another wrench into what should be a simple process. You could have your international attendees call you, but that just subjects them to these same issues. Plus, how will you connect everyone into a single call if they’re calling you?

International Conferencing Plans for Low-Cost Global Conference Calls

The best way to make low-cost international conference calls on a smartphone is to use our international conference calling plan. We bill only for the minutes you use — and at competitive per minute rates for more than 150 countries around the world. In fact, you’d probably pay much more using your phone’s three-way calling feature and dialing your international participants directly. Our plan is offered without a contract and with no minimum usage requirements so you can use it, or not use it, as you please.

Smartphone International Conference Calls and the Free Connect App

Once you sign up for one of our pay-as-you-go plans, the process of hosting a call from your smartphone is simple. We recommend downloading our free Connect app, which will be sent to you upon activating your account. You may share this app with your attendees as well. The app lets you start an on-demand conference call with just a few taps. Your participants can tap to join your global conference calls. There’s no need for anyone to enter access numbers or passcodes, nor will anyone be required to dial a lengthy and potentially costly international long distance number.

The Connect app is ideal for both the moderator of the call and international attendees who will be joining the call using a mobile phone. It’s not the only way to join, though. In fact, our service supports all types of phones including traditional landlines, VoIP phones, Skype, or computer access. We have access numbers for more than 150 countries. These numbers are specific to each country, enabling participants to dial a number that’s either local or toll free to them, yet joining your international conference call. For example, a participant in France might dial a local number for Paris or a toll free French number while someone located in Japan would be offered access numbers local to Japan.

This reduces the burden of international dialing and eliminates concerns about how much the call will cost. At the same time, it makes dialing from a mobile or landline phone as easy as dialing a local phone number. If a user prefers to use the Connect app, that’s even easier. It’s also ultimately cheaper for you as calls made using the Connect app are billed using our low dial-out rates.

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The days of trying to coordinate an international conference call via your phone’s three-way calling feature are over. We offer a much better way for dozens of participants to join from around the world. Using a global PSTN network, the call quality is exceptional. Our live, US-based operators are ready to assist 24/7 should you need help. Best of all, whether you use the Connect app or another connection method, the process is easy.

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