Using the Professional Features Found in Saudi Arabia Virtual Numbers

Choose from toll free or Riyadh virtual numbers and then pick your plan.

King Fahd International Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia imageDid you know that our Saudi Arabia virtual numbers include a number of advanced features designed to make your business look more professional?

While these virtual numbers are intended to connect callers from Saudi Arabia to your designated phone located elsewhere, these professional features add a great deal of value.

Below are a few of the most popular advanced features available:

– Local ringtones — The ringing sound you here when a phone is ringing sounds different depending on what country you are in. You can choose from several dozen different local ringtones.

– Select country forwarding — If you have virtual phone numbers for Saudi Arabia along with other countries, use select country forwarding to route your incoming calls to specific agents are call centers based on the country in which they originate. That way, you can have an agent who speaks Arabic handle your Saudi Arabia virtual phone number’s calls.

– Advanced IVR/PBX — Though the phone number itself may be virtual, it doesn’t need to act like it is. In fact, our advanced IVR/PBX feature allows you to set up multiple extensions, custom greetings, and more. It’s like having a virtual PBX.

– Voicemail to email — Are you on your computer or smartphone all day? Getting your messages sent to your email’s inbox is a convenient option.

– Optional call recording — This optional add-on is an excellent tool for training and compliance purposes. Whether you want to help your call center agents become better at their jobs via recorded calls and coaching or need to keep a record of all of your calls for compliance purposes, this optional add-on makes it easy.

– Optional rollover minutes — Our Saudi Arabia virtual numbers are offered on a month-to-month basis with various monthly minutes allotted (depending on the plan you select).

Saudi ArabiaFor example, if you select the Basic plan, you’ll get from about two to two and a half hours’ (again, depending on the plan) worth of calls for a low monthly fee. Those minutes typically expire whether you use them or not. By adding the optional rollover minutes feature to your plan, any unused minutes rollover to the next month.

Enabling rollover is ideal for those with fluctuating call volumes as well as those who’d like to ensure that they can “bank” minutes from low volume months to be used in busier months.

Ordering a Saudi Arabia virtual number is easy. The entire process takes mere minutes, and there’s no contract to sign or long-term commitment to make. Choose from toll free or Riyadh virtual numbers and then pick your plan. We’ll promptly activate your new Saudi Arabia virtual number. Cancel at any time without penalty.

Which advanced features have made the biggest difference in your business?
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