Operator Assisted Conference Call

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Operator assisted conference call enables organizations to stay connected with national and international partners, vendors, employees, bidders, trainees, and other people in expertly run group calls.

With our operator actively monitoring the conference call (or group of them for larger events), the host of the call can focus on the task at hand without the distractions of greeting attendees, verifying attendance, fielding questions, or muting and unmuting lines.

How an Operator Assisted Conference Call Works

Operator assisted conference calls rely on the same underlying technology as our regular conference calls, but have a much more personal touch.

Live operators work with you before, during, and after the call, providing a concierge-like experience.

With larger groups, registration becomes paramount.

We set this up and manage it for you as well as send out reminders so no one forgets to call in. If they do forget, our operators will dial out to them and manually join them into the call.

We provide all attendees with local or toll free access numbers, even if they are located in other countries.

For the few countries without local or toll-free access, our operators will dial those attendees directly.

Beforehand, an operator will meet with you to plan the conference call, go over its requirements, and assign a sufficient number of operators to participate in the call.

As the call begins, operators will greet attendees, gather any required information, confirm they’re on the authorized list, and troubleshoot connections.

If desired, an operator can present both the introduction and conclusion of the call. During the call, operators mute and unmute lines, field questions, dial-out to any scheduled speakers, and more.

You can also have an operator moderate the Q&A session. After the call, an operator can compile and send reports, recordings, and transcripts based on the services you’ve ordered.

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Benefits of an Operator Assisted Conference Call

Holding a large conference call is more complicated than holding a small one, with the potential for more disruptions and less organization.

Operator assisted conference calls solves this problem, allowing you to focus on your message delivery while we take care of the call’s logistics.

Some of the benefits of operator-assisted conference calls include:

  • Improved conference call security — We make sure only authorized attendees can join the call through the use of passcodes and by screening them as they join.
  • Audio monitoring — Background noise, dogs barking, interruptions, and inappropriate outburst are unpleasant interruptions that can quickly derail your audio conference. Lecture only mode and live audio monitoring reduce the risk of audio disruptions leading to a better conferencing experience for everyone.
  • Improved attendance — Timely reminders and our operators’ ability to dial participants directly improve conference call attendance.
  • Improved engagement — Since operators can conduct polls throughout the conference call, the call becomes more engaging and you can gather attendee sentiment.

Operator Assisted Conferencing Uses

Companies use an operator assisted conference call for all kinds of purposes including but not limited to:

  • Workforce planning — Quickly hiring or laying off tens of thousands of employees is no easy undertaking. Bringing executives, HR managers, legal teams, and other key participants from around the globe into a group audio call helps to ensure that everyone receives the same information.
  • Annual meetings — Whether presenting to shareholders or collaborating with internal personnel, holding annual meetings via operator-assisted conference calls is a cost-effective way to share information with a large, geographically diverse group.

Film production meetings — Multiple production units from across the country or around the world often collaborate via operator-assisted conference calls.

Utilize a visual element that you desire. Share slides, screen share, and choose to collaborate fully with any of the top tier video platforms available, such as:


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