Will Your North American 1-800 Number Work in Australia?

Overcome potential barriers to trust (such as foreign phone numbers) by getting your own local call forwarding numbers for Australia.

Will Your North American 1-800 Number Work in AustraliaSetting up a local presence in Australia is attractive to North American businesses of all sizes for a variety of reasons.

According to Export.gov, Australia has very few barriers to entry, a straightforward business culture, and a familiar legal and corporate framework.

Not only that, Australia is an English-speaking nation, making it a comfortable fit for many US and Canadian business professionals.

When you visit Australia as part of your market research, you may notice that Australian toll free numbers look surprisingly similar to those in North America. This, too, makes Australia seem like a good fit for your business.

However, this doesn’t mean that your North American 1-800 number will work in Australia. For starters, there are fewer digits in Australia toll free numbers. Plus, North American toll free numbers only work in North America.

Solving the Problem with an Australia Toll Free Number that Rings in North America

Don’t let the fact that your existing toll free number won’t work in Australia stop you from what could otherwise be the perfect match. If you intend to do business in Australia, the best, and easiest, solution is to get an Australian toll free call forwarding number. This number will conform to Australia’s toll free system and dialing conventions, yet it will be call forwarded to the phone number of your choice.

For example, let’s say you have a call center in Kansas City, Missouri where all of your customer service calls are handled. While you could build a call center in Sydney, Australia, doing so would be costly, difficult to manage, and time-consuming.

In contrast, with an Australia toll free call forwarding number, you could be up and running in a matter of minutes. Simply publish this number on your Australian website and local marketing materials and set up call forwarding so that all incoming calls from Australia are routed to your existing call center in Kansas City. Depending on the expected call volume, you may not even need to hire additional CSRs. You certainly wouldn’t need to search for bilingual employees because of the common language between the two countries.

Additional Use Cases for an Australian Call Forwarding Number

Toll free call forwarding numbers aren’t your only option, either. You could also order local call forwarding numbers for various cities in Australia such as Bairnsdale, Hobart, New Castle, or Perth.

  • Set up a “local” office (without the actual office) — By printing your local numbers for various cities in Australia on your business cards and marketing materials, you can make it look as though you have local offices throughout the country.
  • Build trust with local partners — Overcome potential barriers to trust (such as foreign phone numbers) by getting your own local call forwarding numbers for Australia.
  • Make it easy for local partners to reach you — Your local partners might not mind the expense of international calls, but they may be unfamiliar with the process. Make it easy by providing local or toll free Australia call forwarding numbers.

Australia could be a fantastic match for your North American business, but you’ll need call forwarding numbers e.g. virtual number that divert Australia calls back to the U.S.

How will you use your Australian call forwarding service?

Please share your usage ideas in the comments section below.