Multi Country Conference Call Simplified

Multi Country Conference Call

Most business professionals are well versed in the art of conference calls. Whether using a service or your phone system’s built-in conference calling feature, hosting or joining a conference call has become second nature.

However, when you need to communicate with participants from other countries, it used to be complicated. These attendees no longer need to dial any phone numbers to join your call because when you conduct a multi-country conference call, every meeting guest just clicks a link to join your call.


Here are a few tips for simplifying your global conference calls.

Use “Global Video Conferencing” to invite International Attendees to Your multi-country conference meeting.

If your phone system supports it, and if you only have a few international attendees, consider dialing them directly and manually joining them into your conference calls. This simplifies joining the conference call for your international participants. However, it does make your own conferencing tasks a little more complicated. Fortunately, if you use our global conferencing service, you can pre-enter your list of contacts and schedule a call. If you frequently hold global conference calls with the same group of individuals, you can set this up once and then be set for all of your future conferences.

Establish an International Video Conferencing Routine

Conference calling gets easier with practice. While you may stumble the first few times, you’ll eventually find the sweet spot. Once you find a good time that works well for most participants, consider holding future conferences at the same time of day. For example, if you want to host weekly calls with your remote team, find the best time, and then hold all future calls on that same day and time. This allows everyone to get into the habit of joining your calls every week at a set time. This also helps them to keep that time slot clear, avoiding future scheduling conflicts.

Use our International Video Conference Service

Tired of dialing access numbers and entering passcodes? Though they’re easy enough to deal with, joining a call with one click is that much easier! Our Video Conference plan is free to try and easy for moderators and participants alike.

Use our Global Cloud Based Service with HD Audio Quality

If you’ve ever tried to hold a conversation with someone over a poor audio connection, you know how important this is. It’s even more important with a group audio call with people worldwide.

Our global video conferencing service uses modern fiber optic PSTN networks and not VoIP to ensure that your conversations are crystal clear, every time. With 119 local and toll-free access numbers for countries worldwide, our international conferencing service makes it easy for attendees to join your conference calls. They think it’s as easy as joining a local conference call. From yours, it’s seamless — and the visual and audio quality appears as if you’re talking to someone in your own community.

Additional features, such as free MP4 recordings, auto-generated attendance reports, Outlook Add-in, online conference viewer, and 24/7 live operator assistance round out the service. Best of all, our global videoconferencing plan is affordable and typically saves 60% compared to zoom.

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