Moshi Moshi: Tips for Setting Up Virtual Phone Numbers in Japan

We also have Japan virtual numbers for major cities in Japan including Tokyo, Kobe, Kawasaki, Yokohama, and others.

tokyo japan city office toranomon hillsWhether you’re responsible for communicating with a group of exchange students, expanding your international business into Japan, or serving Japanese clients as a consultant, setting up a virtual phone number in Japan is an excellent way to ensure that your callers can easily reach you internationally.

Use the tips below to set up Japan virtual phone numbers.

  • Pick a reliable virtual phone number service. Virtual phone numbers are a type of remote call forwarding number that allow you to receive international phone calls at virtually any phone you designate. Our service is extremely reliable thanks to the underlying fiber optic PSTN telecommunications network.
  • Determine how much volume you’re likely to use each month. We offer our Japan virtual numbers in bundles of minutes. If you need a virtual number for communicating with family and friends, one of the smaller bundles will be appropriate. On the other hand, if you’re setting up an international call center, you’ll want to look at our premium and enterprise plans.
  • Determine what type of call forwarding features you need. Our Japan virtual phone numbers come loaded with both basic and advanced international call forwarding features including customized greetings, local ringtones, voice mail, voice mail to email, forward fax, simultaneous ringing, select country forwarding, and many others. You can even add optional features like rollover minutes and automatic call forwarding.
  • Choose either a toll free or regional Japan virtual number. Do you need to provide toll free numbers or are all of your contacts located in a given city such as Osaka or Tokyo? Generally speaking, city-specific virtual numbers will have much lower rates than their toll free counterparts.

We have several types of toll free virtual numbers for Japan including traditional toll free and toll free mobile access virtual numbers with either the 120 or 800 prefix. We also have Japan virtual numbers for major cities in Japan including Tokyo, Kobe, Kawasaki, Yokohama, and others.

  • Choose a contract-free Japan virtual phone number. Our Japan virtual numbers are available month-to-month with no contract and no cancellation fees. Meanwhile, our monthly rates are extremely competitive and affordable. Whether you have a short-term need or plan on receiving calls from Japan for years to come, you’ll find our virtual number service to be convenient, reliable, and flexible.

Finally, learn how to answer your incoming calls from Japan. In Japan, the traditional way to answer the phone is to say, “moshi moshi,” which is Japanese for “hello.” Note, this greeting is only used when greeting someone over the phone — and only in casual situations such as calls with friends and family members. For incoming business calls from Japan, you’re better off with a more traditional business greeting.

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