Build a Local Presence in Costa Rica with International Call Forwarding

If you give your Costa Rica customers your US phone number, they may hesitate to call you because they’re worried about the potential cost of the call.

Costa Rica MapThe United States is Costa Rica’s largest trading partner, with US imports accounting for about 47 percent of Costa Rica’s imports. If you’re thinking of doing business in the Costa Rican market, consider taking it one step further by using international call forwarding numbers.

What is an International Call Forwarding Number?
Costa Rica, like just about every other country in the world, has its own “local” phone numbers and toll free numbers. In order to dial out of the country, callers need to enter the county’s exit code followed by the country code of the country they are calling. Plus, if they’re calling a toll free number for the other country, the toll free number won’t work. Not only that, the other country may use a different numbering convention, further adding to callers’ confusion.

That just covers the logistics of making an international phone call; it doesn’t address another factor: cost. If you give your Costa Rica customers your US phone number, they may hesitate to call you because they’re worried about the potential cost of the call.

An international call forwarding number solves all of the problems listed above (and delivers a variety of additional benefits). To your callers in Costa Rica, international call forwarding numbers look like any other Costa Rica phone number. You can choose either a toll free Costa Rica call forwarding number or a national one with the 506 area code. Your callers won’t need to worry about exit codes, country codes, or costs. They’ll simply pick up the phone and call your business.

Advantages of Using a Costa Rica International Call Forwarding Number
International call forwarding numbers can deliver several important advantages such as:

Add credibility to your business. Your business will look more professional if it has a toll free number.
Give your business the appearance of being local. If you have a Costa Rica call forwarding number listed on your website, products, and marketing materials, your business will look as though it has an established local presence in the country. This can instill greater confidence in consumers who might otherwise hesitate to place an order with an out-of-country supplier.
Eliminate concerns about calling an international company. Why put up barriers to communications when you could simply order a pay-as-you-go international call forwarding number? Our rates are extremely competitive, and you can order buckets of minutes with an optional rollover option without a contract.

Finally, international call forwarding numbers for Costa Rica are extremely flexible. Whether you want the calls routed to a central call center, to your main office, your mobile phone, to voice mail, or anywhere else in the world, you can easily designate – and change – your destination phone number.

Exporting your goods and services to Costa Rica could be a smart business move. Make it even smarter by establishing a local presence with international call forwarding numbers. How will you put international call forwarding to good use?

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