Lebanon Conference Call for Easy International Collaboration

Host a Lebanon Conference Call by activating an account for toll-free international conference calling service.

Doing so enables using the modern telecommunications network and low per minute international conference call rates to countries around the world.  All of your attendees can join your call no matter where they may be located.

Your callers, whether they’re loved ones or business associates, dial a toll-free number to connect to your conference call.

With lower rates and a superior phone connection, you can enjoy your conversation without requiring others to pay for the call. You can even record it if desired.

Here’s How a Lebanon Conference Call Works

Sign up for an international conference calling service with low per minute rates from Lebanon to the countries of your choice. Use your customer portal to have the conferencing bridge ring your phone to enter your conference room.  Then join your international attendees on a global conference call.

Enjoy a superior Lebanon Conference Call with high-quality audio connections.

Lebanon Telecommunications

Lebanon’s telecommunications network was nearly destroyed during its civil war. However, repairs are nearly complete according to the CIA World Fact Book. Lebanon’s teledensity is right at 100 main and mobile phone lines (combined) per 100 people. As of 2011, 900,000 main lines were in use in Lebanon.

The country is home to over 3.3 million mobile subscribers. Lebanon is connected internationally via coaxial cable to Syria, submarine cable to Egypt, Syria, and Cyprus, and two Intelsat satellite earth stations. If you live, work, or travel frequently in Lebanon, you have several options for making international phone calls from Lebanon such as international calling cards which are extremely popular.

Lebanon Conference Call Features

119 worldwide access numbers

Lebanon dial-out feature

Activation fee = None

Monthly fees = $0.00

No contract term

24 hour customer and operator support

Superb quality international toll free network

Automatic attendance reports

Free MP3 session recordings

Initiate conference calls via Global Toll-Free numbers

Add additional conference call rooms for other users

Monthly PDF itemized invoice

Free mobile app for easy conference call access

You can host or attend international conference calls from the following Lebanon cities: Beirut, Ra’s Bayru-t, Tripoli, Sidon or any other city that can access the Lebanon toll-free number.

Optionally the chairperson or attendee can use the web ‘Connect’ feature to trigger a callback to his/her phone to enter the Lebanon conference call.

As an example, your office in Lebanon can host a conference call with your potential client located in Singapore or Dubai and a designer located in India and a founding partner in Turkey or the U.S. or any other worldwide countries.

Examples of Businesses Headquartered in Lebanon

BML Istisharat Cleartag Koein Cre8mania

Central Bank of Lebanon


Bank Byblos Bank

Fransabank Credit Libanais

American University of Beirut (AUB)

Universit Saint-Joseph (USJ)

Ecole Suprieure des Affaires (ESA)

Beirut Arab University (BAU)

Chteau Kefraya Chteau Ksara Tabbah Aishti Landmark Group

MEDGULF LIA insurance (Libano Arabe sal)

Credit Libanais d’Assurances et de Rassurances (CLA)


Dar Al Handasah Rafik El Khoury and Partners

ERGA (Elie Randa Gebrayel Architects)

Matta Associs Hayek Group

Malia International

Khoury Contracting

Kettaneh Construction

GIFCO Net Logistics (Net Holding Group)

Red Logistics HOLDAL

Transmed Makie Company for Commerce

Distribution Lebanese

Association for Sustainable Energy

Sakr Power Group Liban

Ciel Acemco Assiotex Group