Attorney Conference Call with Client Matter Billing Code Management

If you use AT&T, which uses the same bridging technology that we use, you’re paying a premium rate.

Attorney Conference Call Service for US/Canada Law Firms

Attorney Conference Call using ClientMatterConference
ClientMatterConference Attorney Conference Call


ClientMatterConference enables a comprehensive attorney conference call service for the US/Canada legal profession.

Here’s how it compares to the leading legal industry teleconference providers.

Major Attorney Conference Call Service Providers

The main competitors in the law firm centric conferencing arena are:

  • Soundpath Legal by PGi Legal
  • Infinite Conferencing Legal
  • AT&T Legal Conference
  • Intercall legal conference

Not all are created equal and have different costs and capabilities. ClientMatterConference performs well against the competition for what is most important to attorneys, court reporters, legal assistants and legal professionals across Canada and the U.S.

The needs of the Law Firm

Fifty percent of the conferencing companies that cater to the legal industry seem to offer services that essentially are business conferencing services.

For example, AT&T legal conference and Infinite Conferencing legal are standard conferencing plans not specific to the attorney or law firm workflow.

ClientMatterConference is designed to serve attorneys and their support staff. The entire Attorney Conference Call service enables hosting anything from a conference call with the judge or a paralegal conference call to deposition conferencing and hearings, civil motions with built-in security, and pristine audio quality.

Billable hours used to be an issue but with ClientMatterConference each attorney conference call can be assigned with a client and matter billing code for a specific attorney. All call minutes are identified and itemized.  All call data is viewable online through the customer portal and can be sorted by client, matter, attorney, date of call, etc.

Attorney Staff Friendly

Our online portal consists of just one page. Your one-page portal allows you to quickly create ad-hock conference rooms complete with client matter billing codes.

No Hidden Fees or Surprises

It’s a pay-as-you-go service with no activation fees and no recurring fees.  There are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements, and no contracts.

Same Technology

ClientMatterConference uses exactly the same bridging technology as AT&T with fiber-optic networks wherever possible.

Attorney Conference Call Competitive Rates

Soundpath Legal by PGi Legal Rates — Soundpath Legal’s Global Meet Audio plan starts at $19 per month, which includes 300 minutes of VoIP or toll minutes. If you want to provide participants with a toll-free access number, you’ll pay an additional 7 cents per minute per participant. You’ll pay $19 per month whether you use up your 300 minutes or not. If you go over 300 minutes, you’ll pay five cents per minute for toll calls (add another seven cents per minute for toll-free calls) or two cents per minute for VoIP calls — all per minute per participant which is standard for conferencing. Web conferencing is not included but is available as a separate product with its own fees.

Infinite Conferencing Rates — Legal conference calls using toll-free numbers cost just four cents per minute under Infinite Conferencing’s Reservationless Conferencing plan. There are limits, however, such as a maximum number of participants totally just 100. Infinite Conferencing’s Operator Assisted Conferencing Plan will cost you 20 cents per minute per participant. Neither plan includes web conferencing.

Intercall Legal Conference Rates  — Intercall offers a pay-as-you-go plan with toll-free rates of 10 cents per minute per attendee. You’re limited to just 125 participants on this plan, and web conferencing is not included.

AT&T Legal Conference Rates  — If you use AT&T, which uses the same bridging technology that we use, you’ll pay a premium rate. For example, its pay-as-you-go rates for AT&T’s “TeleConference and Web Meeting Service” for reservation less automatic dial-in start at 22 cents per minute per participant for a caller paid dial-in number. This increases to 29 cents per minute per participant for toll-free dial-in numbers. Prices go up from there. 

Client Matter Conference Rates — With ClientMatterConference rates are 3.9 cents per minute for Canadian attendees using Canada toll-free access number. And 2.9 cents per minute for U.S. toll-free access attendees. You can have as many as 400 participants in your conferences. Why pay for a flat rate prepaid plan when you can get our bridge features including integrated client matter ID code management and excellent call quality for less?

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