Jordan Conference Calls for Tourists and Business Collaboration

Jordan is one of the world’s leading destinations for medical tourism and has been a leader in this field since the mid-1970s.

Amman Jordan CityscapePlanning a trip to the country of Jordan? Plan on using Jordan conference calls, too.

Below are two examples of how having a Jordan conference calling service can help you plan a successful trip.

Using Jordan Conference Calls to Plan a Group Trip

Whether you’re holding a family reunion or a group trip with friends, the more people involved, the more you’ll need to collaborate. If some of your fellow travelers are in different countries, get a pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan.

That way, each individual could call a local access number in order to join your Jordan conference call. Your contacts in Jordan would dial a Jordan number, those in the US would dial a US number, those in Italy would dial an Italian number, and so on.

Are you going to Jordan for medical care? You can use Jordan conference calls to coordinate your care.

Coordinating Medical Tourism in Jordan with Conference Calls

Jordan is one of the world’s leading destinations for medical tourism and has been a leader in this field since the mid-1970s. Jordan actively markets its medical expertise to Europe, America, and former-Soviet states.

While traveling to another country for a medical procedure may seem costly, many patients have found that the lower costs of foreign healthcare offset the costs of travel — often dramatically so. However, a great deal of coordination is usually required when seeking medical care in Jordan. Conference calls are one tool that can help.

Several individuals, from your healthcare teams in both countries to a health tourism coordinator, may be involved in coordinating your procedure. Using group audio calls is a fantastic way for everyone involved to come together to discuss logistics, explain the process, and plan the best approach for your care.

For example, you may need to speak with representatives from the Jordan medical center as well as your own healthcare providers at the same time. Your loved ones at home may need to speak with your healthcare team or coordinate aftercare services after the procedure.

Using an international conference calling service allows your contacts in Jordan to dial a local or toll free number for Jordan to connect to the teleconference. Meanwhile, your local contacts would dial a domestic access number to connect to your conference calls.

You can also use your Jordan conference calling service to communicate with your loved ones while you’re in Jordan. For example, instead of calling everyone individually after the surgery to tell them that you are recovering, you could hold a post-operative conference call in Jordan from your hospital room or later when you’re back at your hotel.

Your contacts back home will dial a local or toll free number, thus avoiding a costly international long distance call. Since you’ll be hosting the call in Jordan, you’d dial a local access number to join the conference call supplied by AIT.

Alternately, you could use the dial-out feature to dial each of your loved ones directly at a slightly lower per minute rate.

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