International Virtual Phone Number is Your Most Valuable Communications Tool

You can also set up your international virtual phone number to act like a virtual PBX system complete with an interactive voice response system that greets and directs callers.

International Virtual Phone Number UserInternational virtual phone number is an affordable alternative to remote call forwarding and toll-free numbers. Not only are virtual numbers loaded with advanced calling features and have exceptional sound quality, they are a flexible communications solution that you can adjust to best meet your ever-changing needs. Use the tips below to get even more out of your contract-free virtual phone number.

  • Choose from over 140 Country Numbers — Create a phone line in your target country for marketing.  One example, buy a China Virtual Number
  • Consider adding rollover minutes — If your monthly call volume fluctuates from month to month, it might make sense to add the rollover minute option. For just a few dollars more per month, you can rollover any unused minutes from one month to the next. This strategy can be useful when you call volume often falls below your monthly allotment but never quite gets high enough to justify signing up for the next level. For example, if you have a basic 200-minute plan but your call volume ranges from 100 to 400 minutes each month, sticking with the basic plan and adding rollover minutes could save you money compared with jumping up to the 500-minute plan right away.
  • Do the math — We have some of the lowest per minute rates in the industry, even at low call volumes. While our per-minute rates get progressively lower with each tier, it doesn’t necessarily make sense to sign up for more minutes that you think you’ll use in a month. Look at some of your past phone bills to get a better idea of how many minutes you typically use each month and pick a plan with the appropriate number of minutes based on your historical call volumes. Don’t worry if you go over your allotment slightly as our per minute rates for each additional minute over your allotment are also extremely low. If you find yourself consistently going over, do the math to determine the call volume that justifies going to the next level.
  • Share your international virtual phone number — Whether you need a virtual number for tracking advertising results, receiving international phone calls, localization, conducting business while traveling internationally, or any other purpose, to get the most out of it, you’ll need to use it! A few effective ways to share your virtual phone number include: on business cards, on your website, on social media profiles, on marketing materials, and in your email signature. If you use sequential ringing or sequential call forwarding, let people know that your virtual number follows you wherever you go and is one of the best ways to reach you no matter where in the world you may be.
  • Use advanced features — Our international virtual phone number comes with a robust feature set. For example, there’s no need to maintain a separate fax line thanks to our fax-forwarding feature. Your faxes will be routed directly to your email account. You can also set up your virtual number to act like a virtual PBX system complete with an interactive voice response system that greets and directs callers.

International virtual phone number is a convenient, no-commitment way to receive phone calls from around the world. Get even more out of your virtual number by adding rollover minutes, choosing the most appropriate pre-paid minutes allotment, and using it to its fullest potential.

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