Facilitating International Studies with Italy Conference Calls

Our pay-as-you-go Italy conference calling plans are affordable, flexible, and easy to use.

Venice ItalyItaly, with its ancient cities and abundant national treasures, often plays host to groups of international students longing to experience their learning firsthand. Many group organizers use Italy conference calls before, during, and after their tours.

Here’s how you can use Italy group conference calls when organizing an international excursion to Italy.

Planning Your Tour with Italy Global Conferencing
It’s not uncommon for group organizers to be located in different countries, making it smart to use international conference calls to plan the curriculum and discuss logistics.

For example, you might be in the United States while your co-organizers are in France and Italy. Global conferencing allows you each to dial a local number for your respective countries to join a group call. Once connected, you can brainstorm ideas, suggest must-see sites, discuss enrollment, and so on. If you need to coordinate with local contacts, you could dial them into the call using the moderator dial-out feature as needed.

You could also use Italy global conference calls to hold group orientation calls with your students and their parents before the trip, especially if some of the key organizers are already in Italy at the time.

With an Italy global conferencing plan, callers from around the world can join your conference call by dialing a local or toll free number. These calls are then routed over a PSTN network and joined in a group call. The call quality is exceptional – far superior to VoIP and Web audio calls – and there’s no need for special equipment or software.

Using Global Conference Calls During Your Group’s Time in Italy
While your students may be in Italy, most of their families will have stayed behind. Holding the occasional Italy group conference call with parents is a great way to keep parents involved, allow them to ask questions, have students present oral reports, or share the latest events.

You could also use your Italy conference calling plan to communicate with your family members and business partners back home. Again, they’d dial a local or toll free access number. While you’re in Italy, you’d dial an Italian access number. You’d all be joined together into an audio conference.

Using Italy Conference Calls After the Event
Now that you’re back home, you may have a few loose ends to tie. Naturally, you’ll want to thank your hosts. If you plan on holding future events, this is a good time to schedule a group conference call to discuss the “lessons learned” so that you can make next year’s trip even better. Plan on holding a lessons learned audio conference promptly, when the details are fresh. Record the call so that you can review the conversation again when planning your next international studies trip to Italy.

These are a few examples of how a simple technology, conference calling, can be used when organizing a student tour of Italy. Our pay-as-you-go Italy conference calling plans are affordable, flexible, and easy to use. There’s no commitment, no contract, and no hassles.

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