International Conferencing

How to Use International Conferencing to Communicate with a Large Global Audience

International conferencing bridges distances, bringing a diverse group together in a group telephone call. Our global conference calling service uses advanced telecommunications networks for optimal sound quality. Our bridge enables individuals to access the conference using country-specific access numbers. With support for up to 250 participants, you can host large international conference calls with people from around the world. Below are a few tips to help ensure that your next global audio conference goes smoothly.

International Conferencing Benefits

International Conferencing Provides Global Access Numbers

When you activate your global conferencing account with us, we’ll send you a list of all global access numbers.

As you create your event and invite attendees, make sure to provide invitees with the list of local and toll-free options for their countries.

Your participants will appreciate being able to join your global call using a local phone number. Not only is it more convenient for them, having a local access dial-in number moves uncertainty surrounding the cost of the call, which should improve participation. Attendees join your call free of charge.

Encourage the use of our free Connect app — Imagine joining a global conference call with just a tap. Our Connect app lets you do just that, eliminating the need to enter access numbers and passcodes. It works worldwide from any web-enabled device including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

As the host of the call, you’ll have access to helpful moderator’s tools, but attendees can use the app as well to join your conference. They simply tap to join and will be automatically called by the system and joined into the conference call.

In addition to the added convenience and value, the app offers, when attendees use it to join a call, their participation is billed at our dial-out rate. This rate is much lower than most of the toll-free dial-in rates, which can reduce the overall cost of your global conference call.

Have a colleague help moderate the call — There’s a big difference between hosting global conference calls with a small group and one with up to 250 attendees.

Having a co-moderator allows the conference to continue while the co-moderator handles various administrative tasks such as time- and agenda-management, taking notes, keeping track of questions to answer at the end of the call, and so forth.

Your co-moderator could also monitor emails, phone calls, and other channels in case some participants reach out indicating that they need help joining the conference. If that’s the case, they could then use the dial-out function to join them into the conference in progress.

Make sure you and your co-moderator know how to use the various moderator features — A single unmuted phone line could wreak havoc over your global conference call. Knowing how to quickly find and shut it down is crucial in minimizing its potential for disruption. Ideally, your co-moderator will take care of this so that you can continue sharing your message.

We recommend having the online event viewer open during your global conference call. This tool will show you a list of all participants as well as the status of their lines. It’s very easy to identify and mute the line that is generating noise.

Use the “lecture” mode as appropriate — One of the best ways to minimize interruptions is by using the lecture mode during your presentation. Use * 5 to turn this mode on and off. When in lecture mode, the only line open is yours. Everyone else will be able to hear you, but their lines will be muted. Once you’re done presenting and want to open up the call to other speakers or for a questions and answers session, press * 5 to exit out of lecture mode.

Take advantage of our operator assistance if needed — If you need help at any point, our live operators are standing by to be of immediate assistance. Simply press * 0 to reach an operator during your global conference calls.

International Conferencing Service

Finally, consider our assisted International Conferencing with audio and video conferencing service. Our operators help before, during, and after your international conference calls, handling all kinds of behind-the-scenes tasks so that you can focus on your presentation. We can assist on calls with just a handful of attendees to the largest global conferences of all with thousands of attendees.

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