International Conference Calling for Barbados Business Professionals

Outsourcing has become commonplace, with independent contractors working on projects from afar.

Clearwater Villa Ocean View BarbadosIf you operate a business in Barbados, you may have partners, vendors, customers, and colleagues in other parts of the world.

Bringing them together in a Barbados conference call should be as easy as holding any other conference call in your office. However, you’ll likely discover that it’s not.

Why You Need an International Conference Calling Solution

For example, your suppliers in Asia may balk at having to dial an international phone number. Your European customers might not be concerned about the potential cost of the call, but they could have trouble figuring out how to dial an international conference call based in Barbados.

Fortunately, international conference calling services exist specifically for overcoming these difficulties. When you chair a Barbados conference call using our international conferencing service, your callers can dial local or toll free access numbers for their own countries. These “local” calls are then routed over a PSTN network and joined to your conference.

In order to host an international conference call from Barbados, you simply schedule the call, invite participants, provide participants with their local access numbers and PIN, and collaborate in a group call with your international associates.

When to Host International Conference Calls in Barbados
When might you need to hold an international conference call? Below are a few examples of when group calls are advantageous:

Negotiating contracts

This is especially useful if your suppliers have representatives in different countries. Instead of letting them delay the conversation until everyone is back from their trips, accommodate them all by hosting an international conference call.

Resolving issues in the supply chain

What happens when a factory manager in China blames a shipping and logistics coordinator in Miami who blames the port authority in Barbados? The blame goes around but nothing gets resolved. Hold an international conference call with everyone involved and find out what happened so that you can avoid this problem in the future.

Group collaboration / virtual team meetings

Outsourcing has become commonplace, with independent contractors working on projects from afar. Though they may be located around the world, they still need to collaborate. Holding international conference calls is one of the best, and most affordable, ways to accomplish this.

Training calls

Instead of flying a trainer to Barbados to train your team, consider conducting the training using an international conference call. Not only will you save on travel costs, you can record the training session for future employees.

High-level strategy sessions with senior management

Are your senior managers or board members out of the country? Hold regular international conference calls regardless of where they are and keep your Barbados business on the right track.

Holding group interviews with international job candidates

If you are recruiting international job applicants, conduct initial interviews in international Barbados conference calls. This will save money, ensure all managers have a chance to ask their questions, and provide you with a recording of the interviews (if you record the calls) that you can review later.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Two plans to choose from.

Depending on where in the world your participants are located, you may find the Legacy or Expanded plan better for your needs.

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