International Call Forwarding – When Local Phone Service Sucks

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International Call Forwarding – A Solution When Local Phone Service Sucks

The world is served by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of local phone companies. While some countries are well equipped with infrastructure and responsive service providers, others are sorely lacking. While you may feel as if you are at the mercy of local phone companies, you may actually have options. If your local phone service sucks, consider this: international call forwarding.

How International Call Forwarding Overcomes Poor Local Service

Many people located in countries with poor local phone service work around the problem by using international call forwarding services. For example, if you need to order a new local phone number in a country where the process could take several months, ordering local call forwarding numbers from an international call forwarding service is much faster and may even be less expensive. Using an international calling service provider allows individuals to receive local numbers specific to their countries in as little as a few hours. These local phone numbers can be set to ring to virtually any local phone or mobile phone.

Should You Use International Call Forwarding as a Temporary or Permanent Solution to Poor Local Phone Service?

Many international call forwarding customers initially use call forwarding as a temporary solution. They need a local number and they need it fast. They may plan on dropping the service once the local phone company delivers. In situations like this, it’s smart to choose a pay-as-you-go international call forwarding plan with cheap international calls and no long-term contracts or early termination penalties.

With reasonable rates and superior call quality, some international call forwarding customers opt for a more permanent solution. If you intend to use international call forwarding for the long term, you may want to choose a service provider that offers the most useful features. For example, rollover minutes become more important when you use call forwarding permanently. You may also appreciate features such as local ring tones, auto attendant, voicemail, online account management, and automatic fax forwarding.

In fact, many of the features that are included with international call forwarding and the fact that you can make cheap international calls sway short-term customers into becoming long-term ones. The more you use these features, the more beneficial the service becomes.

Another Use for International Call Forwarding Numbers

We’re constantly amazed at the creative ways customers use international call forwarding. One of the most creative ways is to bypass costly international long distance fees. If you regularly dial an international phone number in a country where dialing costs are extremely high, ordering an international call forwarding number local to your own country and then forwarding that call to the destination number could be much less expensive than direct dialing. In order for this to make sense financially, you will need to know the per minute rate you normally pay and compare that to the cheap international calling rates offered by your international call forwarding service provider. Do the math. If it makes sense, check to ensure that there are no minimum usage charges, hidden fees, or long-term contracts.

International call forwarding is a useful, cost-effective, and creative choice when local phone service sucks. Why wait for service to improve when other options are readily available?

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