International Call forwarding removes global boundaries with overseas virtual phone numbers

Call forwarding cuts International Calling rates drastically
International Call Forwarding utilizing a Virtual Number

International Call Forwarding utilizing a Virtual Number

Gain a “local” presence in 94 countries worldwide with an International Call Forwarding facility. Select a local or toll free number which can redirect your calls to your preferred phone number, anywhere in the world.

It is an amazing, yet simple technology to allow your customers, associates and other critical resources reach you whenever they desire. Reach out to your markets and save on International Calling rates at the same time with the call forwarding feature.

Here’s how it works. You opt for a China phone number, assuming your business prospects are in China. When customers in China call this virtual number, it automatically calls your phone number in your country. You could be in California, London, Budapest or Tokyo and yet be easily reachable from China or any other city in the world via a local or toll free number.

It also gives you the flexibility to receive calls through your mobile, fixed line, voice mail, PBX or fax machine. Irrespective of your actual geographic location, you command a “virtual” local presence in many cities or countries worldwide.

See list of available <u>global virtual numbers</u> here.

There is no limit to the amount of virtual numbers you can have. Depending on your requirements, you can have a number for every city you have an interest in.

Whether you require a local or toll free number relies on whether your customers or key people are located in a particular city or scattered throughout a specific country.

This service is making International Calling less costly and more convenient for a growing clientele across the globe.

The call forwarding facility is a boon if:

  • you are traveling overseas and want your callers to get in touch easily, opt for a virtual number in your native country
  • you want a low rate on one overseas number you call frequently, you also have the ability to change this call forwarding number online, in real time, and as frequently as you like, everyday
  • you have a college kid in another city and want him to call home, get him a local call forwarding number in the city of his residence and have his calls redirected to your phone
  • you are a frequent flier and want to call home cheaply, get a local call forwarding number in the country you are visiting and dial this number when you want to speak to your office, wife or family back home

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    1. Yes, you can forward your existing mobile calls to a new virtual number. Then that virtual number enables sending the calls from your mobile on to any phone in any country.

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