How to Host a Series of “Micro” Global Conference Calls

Bob, a regional salesperson in Argentina, doesn’t necessarily need to attend a global conference call discussing custom issues between USA and Taiwan.

Gathering a group into a global conference call has some logistical challenges to overcome, which is why it’s tempting to keep everyone on the line for as long as possible. After all, you want to get as much as possible accomplished since the entire group is present. There’s certainly a time and place for a long, involved global conference call; however, fatigue can set in quickly and your long group audio calls might not be as productive as you’d like. Consider breaking a long international conference call into a series of micro audio conferences.

Benefits of Shorter, More Frequent Global Conference Calls

One of the biggest downsides of international conferencing is the clock. Depending on where your attendees are located, your global conference calls are likely inconvenient for some participants. Joining a conference call at midnight local time is challenging, even more so when the call is expected to be a one- to two-hour experience. If they skip the call and plan on listening to the recording, that’s a one-to two-hour commitment just to get back up to speed on what they’ve missed. Knowing that the call will only last 10 to 15 minutes could be more palatable to these individuals. Likewise, if they missed the conference call, they can quickly get up to speed first thing in the morning.

Even when the timing is convenient, long conference calls can become draining and unproductive. Holding a series of micro conference calls could result in better:
• Focus
• Engagement
• Relationships
• Results

If you limit the length of your global conference call to a maximum of 15 minutes, your agenda must be tightly focused, most likely on a single topic. This laser focus also means that your participant list can be tailored to better match the topic of discussion. For example, Bob, a regional salesperson in Argentina, doesn’t necessarily need to attend a global conference call discussing custom issues between USA and Taiwan.

Since your micro conferences are more relevant to attendees — and significantly shorter, attendees will likely be more engaged during the conference call and less prone to multi-tasking during the call. It’s much easier to give your full attention for 15 minutes than it is to do so for an hour or longer.

Meeting more frequently but in shorter bursts could also foster better relationships. For example, as the calls become more relevant to attendees, they’ll feel more valued and that their time is respected. Since the calls occur more frequently, you can address and resolve issues as they come up.

It’s easier to retain information and take appropriate action when given in smaller doses. It’s also easier to hold others accountable for focused, timely tasks rather than a long laundry list of things to get done.

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