Hosting Uzbekistan Conference Calls

While it’s possible to host Uzbekistan conference calls without using an international conferencing service, it’s far from optimal.

Tashkent Uzbekistan Capital imageDo you need to communicate with a diverse group of people, including some who are located in Uzbekistan? Global conference calls allow you to bring together colleagues, business partners, vendors, family members, coaches, athletes, and others from around the world into a group audio calls.

By using an international conference calling service, you can host global conference calls with participants from around the world — including Uzbekistan.

There are a few different ways to host Uzbekistan conference calls such as the following:

  • Provide toll free access — Our Expanded plan provides competitive rates to more than 100 countries around the world. We even have toll free access numbers for your attendees in Uzbekistan to use to join your conference calls. By providing toll free access to your global conference calls, your attendees will not incur any costs associated with the teleconference. Using an international conference calling service that offers toll free access numbers specific to various countries also makes it easy for attendees to join the call.
  • Use our free Connect app — Our free Connect app makes both hosting or joining Uzbekistan conference calls a simple matter of tapping or clicking a button. If you’re the host of the call, you can initiate on demand Uzbekistan conference calls from your smartphone or computer. As the host, you can initiate meetings, dial participants, control and manage the call, record the call, lock the call, and more. If you’re a participant, you can quickly join any group audio call from within the app without having to remember pesky details like access numbers or PINs.
  • Use moderator dial out — One way to improve participation is to direct dial attendees. After all, attendees can become distracted or they can forget the meeting completely. If the moderator of the call dials them direct, their phones will ring and they’ll be connected to the call. Our moderator dial out function has an added benefit: it’s usually cheaper per minute than toll free access. For example, you’ll save about 30 cents per minute, per Uzbekistan participant, if you use moderator dial out for your conference call participants located in Uzbekistan instead of toll free access numbers.

While it’s possible to host Uzbekistan conference calls without using an international conferencing service, it’s far from optimal. Many of your participants will hesitate to dial an international access number because of concerns about the potential costs they may incur. Others might worry about the perceived hassles of dialing an international access number. In addition, your PBX system may not support more than a handful of callers on a single conference call.

Avoid these pitfalls and schedule Uzbekistan conference calls with confidence by signing up for our Extended conferencing plan. All of your Uzbekistan conference calls will be billed on a pay-as-you-go basis with some of the most competitive international conferencing rates available.

There are no contracts to sign, no minimum usage requirements to meet, and no long term commitments. Whether you need to host a single group audio call or daily Uzbekistan conference calls the service is available 24/7.

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