Create a virtual “local phone presence” with International Call Forwarding services

International Call
International Call
International Call

With International Call forwarding service, you can come closer to your customers with a local presence irrespective of your geographic location.

Your customer can dial the particular “virtual number” and the call will be redirected to the number chosen by you.

Now you can increase your brand’s visibility and boost sales at a very nominal rate.

They say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”. But in business, the closer you are to your customers, the more profitable it is for you.

Imagine this: you have an antique shop in China from where you cater to the local market but it’s the international buyers who drive the revenues.

What happens when a prospective customer in Turkey wants to order Oriental crockery set from your shop? He is definitely not flying to China to collect it personally.

What else can he do? He can order it online. Perfect! What use is the website then for which you are paying a monthly maintenance fee?

But what if he has a very specific question regarding the collectable, some information that is not present on your site? Or, he may want to speak with a representative and find out alternative shipping options.

As long as customers have to shell out money, they have questions they want answered. Do you give him your China number along with the International Country Code?

It’s not a good idea because no person would like to spend money on an International call when he is already paying for the item. What you, and other businesses seeking to expand their markets, need to do is avail International Call Forwarding services.

Is it another bit of technology which you will need months to master? Definitely not if you know Turkish! Opting for a local number that belongs to your customer’s country is all that’s needed of you.

The concept is very simple; yet powerful enough to increase your local presence and let your existing or future customers interact easily with you. By providing a local number which they can access, you will be able to receive their calls in the country you are located in, and on various devices like a landline, mobile, VoIP, fax machine, PBX or voice mail.

You can have local or international toll free numbers for every country you have business interests in. Customers tend to associate with a number they recognize and are familiar with.

This virtual number system does not require setting up of local offices and hiring employees for taking calls. All it needs is a number to which all calls will be redirected; and this number can be your home telephone number as well!

When a customer dials the number, he can see the caller ID and hear the local ring tone. When you register for call forwarding services, you will be given an online account. If you need to change the number, you can easily do so yourself.

Just keep two factors in mind – time and linguistic differences – and you are all set.

Happy selling!



3 thoughts on “Create a virtual “local phone presence” with International Call Forwarding services”

  1. My family in China, like almost 100% of domestic Chinese has mobile phones, want easy way to call me in Malaysia. So I need a China virtual number to connect with my landline in Kuala Lumpur, can you help?

  2. Haha, yeah true, the title says it all. International call forwarding indeed gives a virtual presence in the desired countries. No long distance calling bill for the customer, no wait for the operator, no complex international code dialing, just dial like you dial a local number and you are done. Excellent and informative post about an equally excellent product. JF

  3. Using international call forwarding has enabled me to operate my business with the freedom to do so from ‘wherever’ I wish. Anyone else using a virtual number out there? Would like to hear from you. Rick

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