Global Virtual Phone Numbers

Since your global virtual phone number answers and responds to calls 24/7, this is a great way to overcome the challenges of doing business across time zones.

How to Use Global Virtual Phone Numbers to Automatically Provide Product Information

What if you could professionally greet callers and educate them about the product that they’re interested in automatically, 24/7 via a recording, and then provide them with a means to connect with you for further information? Our virtual phone numbers allow you to do just that — even if you cater to customers located in another country.

Global Virtual Phone Numbers Changsha, China

Car dealers, Realtors, property managers, and other sellers can use virtual phone numbers for each product or listing. Our virtual phone numbers come with a host of features that allow you to create an outstanding educational experience for your callers.

For example, let’s say you’re advertising multi-million dollar beachfront homes in Miami to prospects located in the United Kingdom on a popular classified advertising site such as Gumtree. Your ad would feature a few enticing details, but won’t have space for everything you want to share or that they want to know. Here’s how you could use a global virtual phone number to provide information and capture the prospect’s details for later follow up:

Use a local or toll free global phone number — In this example, you’d want to choose one of our UK virtual numbers. To your callers, it will look as if you have a presence in the United Kingdom when in reality you may work out of Miami – or anywhere else in the world.

Set up a custom greeting — This virtual phone number will have a singular purpose (to provide product information to prospects from a given channel), so you can customize your greeting to match. For example, you might create a greeting that says, “Thanks for inquiring about our listing shown on Gumtree. Press 1 to learn more about the property, 2 to learn about the neighborhood, 3 to hear about our leasing terms, 4 to leave a message, and 5 to connect to an agent.

Review your call logs — You’ll be able to view detailed call logs showing you exactly how much interest your ad is generating. The duration of calls could serve as a valuable indicator as well as the number of times a given caller has called in. For example, a caller who has listened for five to ten minutes is probably more interested in the property than one who hung up after 20 seconds. Likewise, if a caller calls back a second or third time, it could be a spouse listening in at his or her partner’s prompting. If they did not leave a message or request a callback, it might be a good idea to reach out to them.

Since your global virtual phone number answers and responds to calls 24/7, this is a great way to overcome the challenges of doing business across time zones. Your callers get the information that they want, when they want it, and you don’t have to take calls in the middle of the night or at inconvenient times. Meanwhile, for those who are serious, the virtual PBX system provides a means for further connections.

Our global virtual numbers are affordable and offered without a contract, making them perfect for temporary advertisements.

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