Global Virtual Number can Help Elderly Loved Ones

Global Virtual Numbers can Help Elderly Loved Ones Stay Connected No Matter Where in the World You Are

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Firenze, Italy

The telephone is a comfortable, familiar tool that has been used for a lifetime. As adult children move away, it becomes a vital lifeline in keeping those relationships strong. However, the telephone often becomes more difficult for the elderly to manage as they age and cognitive function declines.

While they may be able to handle dialing a local phone number, international calls may be virtually impossible. Not only are they unfamiliar looking, they require the use of country codes and exit codes. In addition, concerns about the cost of making international long distance calls could be a tough mental barrier to overcome — even if the calls themselves are cheap or even toll-free. If you have an elderly loved one living in another country, using global virtual numbers could be the answer to these dilemmas.

For example, let’s say your mother lives in Firenze, Italy and you live in New York City. While you can call her easily enough, she wants the ability to do the same. However, to dial your phone number in New York, she must first dial Italy’s exit code (39) followed by USA’s country code (1) followed by the area code for your location in New York followed your seven-digit phone number. That’s 13 digits that she must dial correctly — and that’s before any calling card codes she might want to use to keep her costs as low as possible. Failing vision or cognitive decline makes something this extremely difficult.

With global virtual numbers, you could give your mother a local Firenze phone number to call. The familiar 055 regional code will immediately put her at ease as it’s a local phone number. There’s no need to use an international calling card or dial international country and exit codes. All she needs to do is make a local call, just as if you lived in the same neighborhood.

Global virtual numbers look and act local, but it actually forwards the call to your designated phone in New York City. For even greater peace of mind, you can change this designated number as needed so you’ll never miss a call from Mom when you’re away from home or on vacation. You could even set it up in such a way that various phones (such as your home phone, mobile phone, or office phone) ring in a sequence or a certain phone rings at a specific time of day.

Getting Italy global virtual numbers (or a virtual phone number for any other country in the world) is a great way to help your loved ones reach out to you without hassles or concerns. It’s also an affordable choice with low per minute rates and no contracts required.

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