5 Common Misconceptions About Global Virtual Numbers

If you have customers in another country, it makes sense to provide them with a toll free number to reach you.

Global Virtual NumbersIf you work with customers around the world, global virtual numbers are a fantastic way to facilitate communications. As beneficial as global virtual numbers are to businesses of all sizes, several misconceptions exist and may be holding you back. Let’s bust them once and for all…

1. Global Toll Free Numbers are Expensive – As with any toll free number, the owner of a global toll free number is the one who pays all costs associated with each phone call. The fact that callers are calling from other countries makes many potential account holders anxious. After all, aren’t international long distance rates sky high? Not necessarily. A number of affordable global toll free calling plans are available with rates that may surprise you.

2. Global Toll Free Numbers Are Only Beneficial to Big Companies – While large companies with offices around the globe tend to come to mind when thinking about global toll free numbers, they’re not the only ones who benefit by providing international customers with an easy and toll free way to call. Even solo professionals such as independent business consultants and home-based business owners can benefit from a global toll free phone number. If you have customers in another country, it makes sense to provide them with a toll free number to reach you.

3. You Need a Fancy Phone System to Use Global Virtual Phone Numbers – Not true whatsoever. In fact, the calling features (such as unlimited auto attendants, advanced call forwarding, customized greeting, fax forwarding, voicemail to email, and more) that come with Global Virtual Numbers’ toll free global phone numbers make it seem as though you have a fancy PBX. All you need is a phone to accept your incoming calls.

4. You Need a Call Center to Handle International Virtual Phone Numbers – Obviously, if you have a high call volume, you’d likely need some sort of call center and staff to effectively handle those calls. That said, having a call center is not a requirement for using international virtual numbers. You can set up your international toll free number to ring to a single phone, simultaneously ring to multiple phones, ring to voicemail, and more.

5. You Need to Commit for Years or Else Pay Substantial Penalties – Times have changed in the highly competitive telecommunications industry. Today, it’s possible to get global toll free phone numbers on a no-contract, no-early-termination-fees basis. Whether you want to test market your services in another country, have a temporary need, or simply prefer to go month-to-month, there’s no long term commitment when you choose a Global Virtual Numbers plan.

Have these misconceptions been holding you back? Order a no-contract global virtual number today and start enjoying the benefits in a matter of minutes.

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