Global Phone Meetings

The Power of Global Phone Meetings

Did you know that a variety of recovery groups use global phone meetings as a means to provide ongoing support to people (and their families) with addictions? This has become a popular tool for support groups, enabling anyone in the world to get support from therapists and their peers.

Whether you’re involved in the recovery industry or not, if you regularly interact with a global audience, consider the benefits of global phone meetings:

  • Easy access — There’s no special equipment needed. Participants can dial in on any type of telephone, from anywhere in the world. Our international conferencing plans include local and toll-free access to 150 countries around the globe. This means there’s no need to remember country codes, exit codes, or calling card numbers.
  • Ad hoc or scheduled meetings — It’s up to you how often and when to hold your global phone meetings. If you like the idea of regularity, you might set up your global phone meetings to take place at the same time, such as every other Tuesday at 8:00 pm GMT. On the other hand, if a matter is urgent, you could initiate a call at any given time.
  • One-to-many phone meetings — Global phone meetings are great for instances where you need to get your message out to many people. Setting your meeting up in “lecture” mode enables you to give an audio presentation over the phone to a group of listeners who’ve called in from around the globe. Think of it like a live podcast where your listeners will have the opportunity to interact with you once you’ve delivered the message and opened up the lines for questions.
  • No travel required — All participants including the host call into the global phone meeting from wherever it’s convenient. Some will join from their homes or offices while others may call from a cell phone while commuting to their jobs on a train or hanging out at their favorite coffee shop. Since there’s no need to travel, the typical expenses of hosting or joining a large meeting are eliminated.
  • Uses for global phone meetings range from the previously mentioned recovery and support group calls to international bidding conferences, global press conferences, business conference calls, small global calls amongst virtual team members, global crisis collaboration and response meetings, global church services, and more. In general, if you have people from around the world with whom you need to communicate, holding a global phone meeting is a great way to bring everyone together for real-time collaboration, planning, and strategizing.
  • What do you need to get started? An affordable, user-friendly international conference calling plan with exceptional audio quality and reliability. Our global conferencing plans take place on modern PSTN fiber optic telecommunications networks for the best quality and reliability and are offered on a pay-as-you-go, contract-free basis. Our rates are extremely competitive. In fact, you may be surprised at just how affordable it is to hold a global phone meeting.

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