Fax Forward Digital Faxes

Fax Forwarding Digital Faxes is one of the many free features included in our global call forwarding service.

Fax Forward Globally

Digital fax forwarding

Fax Forwarding Uses. When another business or customer wants to send you a fax, it’s tempting to say, “Can’t you just email me a PDF?” because of all the disadvantages listed above, but that shifts the burden to them. Fortunately, there’s a much better way that allows you to ditch the physical fax machine, dedicated phone line, and all of the associated hassles of faxing while still accommodating those who need to send you faxes: Fax forwarding.

Fax Forwarding Digital Faxes is one of the many free features included in our global call forwarding service. With this service, you can select a toll-free virtual phone number for your city, state, country — or any other country of the world, and use it to receive faxes. There’s no need for a fax machine, ribbons, ink, or paper because the faxes will be digitized and forwarded to your email inbox.

From the other party’s perspective, they simply place a document in their machine, dial your fax number, and hit the “send fax” button as usual. From your perspective, you receive a PDF via email. Now you can respond promptly from your desktop or mobile phone and there are no more worries about missed faxes.

Fax Forwarding Digital Faxes is ideal for global faxing:

  • Receiving orders or POs from overseas customers or suppliers
  • Receiving food orders at a take-out restaurant
  • Receiving health care orders
  • Receiving signed documents

Your forwarding number can do even more than just receive and forward faxes. You can also use it to receive voice calls from the originating country. For example, if you need to receive faxes from an overseas customer in Singapore, you’d want to order a global virtual forwarding number that’s local or toll-free Singapore and set up your email address to receive faxes. However, if you’d also like your customer in Singapore to have a convenient means of reaching you by phone, set up a “ring to” number (such as your office or mobile phone number) for voice calls. Now, your customer can reach you via phone without having to dial an international number. Your business will feel more local as a result.

Whether your business is established or just starting up, our contract-free virtual phone number services are an affordable choice that enhances communications.

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