How to Divert Calls from Africa to USA

We have global virtual numbers for many countries in Africa including South Africa, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Morocco, Egypt, and others.

Johannesburg Ponte BuildingCountries throughout Africa are developing rapidly, making the entire continent a broad and compelling market.

US business providing goods or services in African markets can benefit from call diversion.

Here’s how to divert calls from Africa to USA.

  • Get a virtual number specific to the African country you are serving — We have global virtual numbers for many countries in Africa including South Africa, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Malawi, Morocco, Egypt, and others.
  • For example, you can get a local or toll free Kenya virtual phone number that works exactly like any other Kenyan phone number to callers in that country. Even the ringtone that the callers hear while the call is being routed to your US phone number would sound familiar. There’s no international country or exit codes for your callers to worry about, and their costs, if any, would be as expected (or free if you choose toll free).
  • When ordering your virtual phone number, you’ll first choose the country from the dropdown list and then choose from available options such as toll free or a regional / local number for the country. Depending on your choice and number availability, you may also be prompted to select the specific phone number you would like to use. If not prompted, your new African call divert number will be provided upon activation.
  • Choose your USA ring-to number — This is the phone that receives the calls from Africa. Because your call divert numbers are virtual, you can assign them to any phone in the world. Note that you can change this ring-to number at any time and this includes call forwarding to any phone or VoIP/SIP address in any country.
  • Choose the most appropriate calling plan — Our international call diversion plans are available in several tiers, all on a monthly basis with no contracts. You can cancel at any time, making it easy to test the service or use it for short-term calling needs.
  • Set up time of day routing — There’s a large time difference between Africa and USA, making it smart to divert your calls on a specific schedule based on the time of day. You may want to divert calls to your East Coast office at one point in the day and then to your West Coast office at another time to allow for a live response as calls come in from Africa. For times when it’s not practical to answer the calls live, you could also set up voicemail to answer. All of these time-of-day options can be configured so that they happen automatically.
  • Share your new call divert number — Once activated and configured, it’s time to start using it.

Diverting calls from Africa to USA is easy, convenient, and affordable. You can get started in minutes.

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