Desktop Video Meeting and Relocation Packages

Work relationships can begin beforehand, enabling employees to get to know future colleagues or even begin some project work remotely.

This becomes easy using Virtual Workplace.

Desktop Video Meeting

Sending employees on overseas assignments or relocating them to another office is a complex task, requiring company resources and a great deal of coordination, before and during the relocation. As part of your relocation package, consider adding desktop video meeting services.

Virtual Workplace can supplement or even eliminate the need for an orientation trip. While the good old telephone will help with the logistics of relocating, there are some instances where our video conferencing comes in handy. Let’s take a look.

Meeting with Realtors — Your employees will need a place to live, making a video conference with a local Realtor or property manager is essential early in the process. Meeting face-to-face in a desktop video meeting is a great way for employees to share their requirements with the agent, form a relationship, and feel confident that the agent understands exactly what type of home to find.

The real estate agent can even take employees on video tours of potential homes by joining the desktop video conferencing using a smartphone from the homes themselves.

Meeting with New Colleagues — Work relationships can begin beforehand, enabling employees to get to know future colleagues or even begin some project work remotely. Forming these relationships in advance will make the transition a little easier as your employees will see familiar faces at their new workplaces.

Learning about the Culture — For overseas assignments, it’s helpful for employees to go through a brief cultural orientation. This can be conducted via video conference by one of the local contacts in the other country. In addition, employees can ask about the best areas to live, local transportation, schools and churches, and other areas of interest.

Spousal Requirements — Relocating with a family typically means the spouse must find work. Having access to a desktop video conferencing tool can play a role in the spouse’s remote job search. For example, he or she could meet with a headhunter in a video conference or have a face-to-face interview with a potential employer.

Staying in Touch with Loved Ones — For those on overseas assignments, desktop video conferencing can be a lifeline, helping them to stay connected with their families back home.

Staying in Touch with the Team — Once your employees have settled into their new environments, they can use desktop video meetings to stay in touch with the home office. Whether you want them to provide weekly status updates, stay involved in local projects, or check-in periodically, the ability to connect via a face-to-face video conference can help ease the transition and keep work relationships strong.

These are but a few of the many ways a video meeting can be used as part of an employee relocation package. Adding easy-to-use video conferencing include with Virtual Workplace is a low-cost, high-benefit solution that your employees will appreciate.

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