Desktop Video Conferencing Perk

Desktop video makes it easier for employees to build relationships and collaborate with their colleagues and superiors located in different locations.

How to Transform Desktop Video Conferencing from a Tool into a Perk

Desktop video conferencing is a valuable communications tool for businesses of any size, instantly enabling you to hold face-to-face conferences with others around the world. However, it’s more than a just a tool that increases employee productivity and strengthens customer relationships; desktop video can also be seen as a perk — one that could enhance the lives of your employees and foster loyalty. Below are a few ideas for transforming desktop video conferencing from a tool into a perk.

  • Remote Work — According to Global Workforce Analytics, 80 to 90 percent of the United States workforce says they would like to telework at least part-time. There are a lot of benefits to both the business and the employee surrounding telecommuting, and desktop video conferencing can certainly play a key role in facilitating such an arrangement.
  • Greater Flexibility — Desktop video conferencing doesn’t necessarily mean you must be tethered to a PC in order to participate. Users can log in using tablets and smartphones, allowing for any number of flexible scenarios.
  • Reduced Travel — Business travel is a fact of life for many working professionals. While many enjoy time away from the office, frequent travel can become burdensome. Having the option to meet with customers in a video conference, at least some of the time, rather than traveling to meet them could be a welcome relief to your team members.
  • Increased ProductivityWhen Traveling — When an actual trip is required, desktop video conferencing canstill play a starring role. For example, your traveling employees couldparticipate in your staff meetings remotely by logging in with theirsmartphones. For those on extended assignments overseas, desktop video conferencing with their family members could make a profound difference on their experiences, helping them to stay connected despite distances.
  • Training and MentoringOpportunitiesDesktop video is an excellent delivery system for training andmentoring sessions. Oftentimes, the best trainers, coaches, or mentors are notphysically close, but with desktop video, they are just a quick videoconference away.
  • Better Access toDistributed Colleagues and Superiors — Similarly, desktop video makes it easierfor employees to build relationships and collaborate with their colleagues andsuperiors located in different locations.  

Positioning your desktop video conferencing solution as a perk rather than just another business tool could improve user adoption, productivity, job satisfaction, and employee loyalty and retention. Your employees will love the benefits associated with the occasional remote workday, greater flexibility, enhanced collaboration, reduced travel, and more while your business will reap the rewards of improved productivity and increased employee engagement. It’s win-win!

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