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Our international conferencing plans have no contracts and no cancellation fees.

Copenhagen Kobenhavn DenmarkDenmark’s economy has transitioned from largely agricultural to a highly service-based and export-oriented one. Among Denmark’s export offerings are: furniture, clothing, pharmaceuticals, industrial equipment, and, yes, windmills.

Whether you find yourself in Denmark on business or for pleasure, staying in touch with your team back home — and around the globe — is possible via Denmark global conference calls.

Here’s what you need to know about using our global conferencing service when in Denmark:

• You can host global conference calls from anywhere in Denmark. Whether you’re in Copenhagen or a smaller community like Ringsted or Skive, all you need is an active phone and our pay-as-you-go international conferencing service.

• Your conference call attendees can participate in your global call from virtually anywhere in the world. Again, as long as they have active phones, they can join your call. They do not need to have an account with us. They can use landlines, mobile phones, and VoIP connections to join your Denmark conference calls.

• You control how participants join your global conference call. Rates vary by connection type (mobile, landline, or dial out), country, and access number (toll free or regional). For example, you could choose to provide toll free access for everyone around the globe (where available) or you might choose a combination of toll free, local access numbers, and direct dial out as a means of reducing your conference call’s total cost.

• You can schedule conference calls in Denmark at a moment’s notice or well in advance. There’s no need to make a “reservation” with our international conferencing service. Thus, if you have an urgent need, you can quickly gather your colleagues into a Denmark conference call. On the other hand, you can schedule your global conference calls in advance, allowing plenty of time to plan a successful meeting.

• Operators are available to assist 24/7. Our US-based operators can help you with your conference call at any time, day or night. Whether you need technical assistance or would like an operator to patch in a caller from another country, you can count on us to make it happen.

• You have access to premium calling features. Our Denmark conference calling service has both budget-friendly rates and premium features such as superior audio quality via fiber optic networks, MP3 call recording, a live event viewer, and a mobile app. Our premium calling features are included at no extra cost.

• You can hold has many Denmark conference calls as you’d like — or as few. We don’t hold you to a predetermined usage requirement. Whether you want to hold conference calls every day, once a month, once a year, or once in a blue moon is completely up to you. You’ll pay only for the minutes you use. If you don’t use any minutes, you don’t pay.

• You can host conference calls outside of Denmark, too. You’re not limited to a single country and can use your international conferencing account to host conference calls from virtually any country in the world. If you’re a world traveler, a single account opens the doors to international conferencing no matter where you may happen to be.

• Our international conferencing plans have no contracts and no cancellation fees.

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How will you use Denmark conference calls to stay in touch with others while you’re gone?

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8 thoughts on “Denmark Conference Calls”

  1. I am thinking about changing our limited US service to your international service.
    Is there a contract or prepayment required?


  2. Well I can tell you the Denmark access numbers does work great from Copenhagen.
    Use it to join my company’s calls weekly. Thanks, Marv

  3. Great that the Denmark access number is mobile friendly.
    Excellent line quality, I like it!

  4. Great post. I have been looking and trying different conference services from Denmark.
    Now using yours and it has been very dependable, reliabe with high quality voice line.

    Thanks and best regards

    1. Thanks for the question. Skype has generally good call quality. We use it ourselves to communicate with certain countries for one-on-one international calls. However Skype is limited when you wish to host a conference with multiple attendees in different countries. Our services provide toll-free and local access phone numbers that you can send to your participants including Denmark. This will enable you to host Denmark conference calls with other participants in any country. Hope this helps!

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