Mexico Call Forwarding Number for Mexico-USA Phone Calls and Cross Border Business. Setting it up.

You can also configure your Mexico call forwarding number to ring to specific extensions or to different phone numbers in a specific order.

Mexico Call Forwarding NumberUS businesses with partners, suppliers, or customers in Mexico are often geographically close, such as is the case with San Diego and Tijuana, Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, and El Paso, and Juarez, but internationally challenged.

While free trade agreements help keep goods and services flowing across borders, the simple act of making a phone call can still cause friction between people on both sides of the border. Setting a Mexico call forwarding number is one way to ease the burden. Here’s how to do it.

Choose Mexico Call Forwarding Number with either a Mexico Toll-Free or Local virtual phone Number

Toll-free call forwarding numbers for Mexico are ideal if your partners or customers are located throughout Mexico. They work just like toll-free numbers in the United States in that callers are not charged for the call, but you can set them up so that while the number originates in Mexico, the call actually rings to a phone in the United States. In Mexico, you can choose a traditional or mobile-accessible toll-free number.

On the other hand, if your business caters to Mexican customers in a specific city, such as Tijuana, Mexico City, Puebla, or Monterrey, getting a local call forwarding phone number for that city adds to your business’s local appeal. While you’ll set up call forwarding to ring to a US phone, to callers, it will seem as if they are calling a business in their own community.

Select the Phone Number

As you work your way through the sign-up process, you’ll need to select your new call forwarding number. First, select from Mexico Toll-Free, Mexico (1800) Mobile Accessible, Mexico Mobile Accessible, or any one of the dozens of listed Mexican cities. Depending on the type of number selected, the number may be provided to you upon activation. If given a choice, choose the new number that you like best.

Enter Your USA Ring To Phone Number

Also called a destination number, this is the phone where you’ll answer your incoming calls from Mexico. You can change this number at any time, making cross-border call forwarding a flexible communications option.

You can also configure your Mexico call forwarding number to ring to specific extensions or to different phone numbers in a specific order. The built-in voice response system serves as a virtual PBX system, routing callers to the appropriate person, department, or voice mailbox.

Choose a Monthly Plan and Any Options You Might Want

Mexico Call Forwarding Number’s are offered month-to-month, in several plans: Basic, Value, Power, Premium, and Enterprise. Each plan includes a predetermined number of minutes and advanced features. Optional features like call recording and rollover minutes are available. Activate your new call forwarding number and share it with your contacts in Mexico.

Flexibility Built In

Setting up a cross-border Mexico Call Forwarding Number and USA is an easy, affordable solution for any US business with partners, suppliers, customers, and other contacts in Mexico. It’s also extremely flexible, especially with our contract-free service that scales up and down as your needs change. You can even cancel with no penalties, no questions asked.

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