China Virtual Numbers Divert Calls Anywhere Globally

Some customers find it useful for their business to have a China phone presence for easy communication with their China-based customers or associates.

Beijing, ChinaHow to Use Virtual Numbers Before, During, and After Traveling to China

China Virtual Numbers, from trade excursions and business trips to bucket list vacations, study abroad opportunities, and overseas job assignments, people travel to China for any number of reasons. Whether you intend to tour potential manufacturing facilities or see the Terracotta Army, a virtual phone number for China is an asset that you can use before, during, and after your trip.

China Virtual Numbers, what are they?

With our service, you can order a phone number for China (toll-free or local) and configure it so that any calls made to it will ring to the phone of your choice.

For callers in China, the phone number appears like any other Chinese phone number they typically encounter. For example, you can order a number that’s local to Beijing or Shenzhen, a national 400 number, or a toll-free number for China.

Universal toll-free numbers are also available. Our plans are offered with no contracts, so you can use the plan as long as you need it and then cancel it when you’re done without penalty.

What’s more, you can change the ring-to number as needed, making your new virtual number the ultimate in portability. Below are a few examples of how you can use your Chinese virtual numbers before, during, and after the trip.

China virtual numbers city list is available as 9/26/2018.  Beijing (10), Guangzhou (20), Shanghai (21), Shenzhen (755), Tongchuan (919) plus China Mobile SMS, China Toll-Free, China National 400.

View current China Virtual Numbers availability here.

Before You Go

Ideally, you should order your virtual phone number before you leave for China. This will give you time to get familiar with the features as well as provide your Chinese contacts and hosts with a local number to reach you.

In fact, they can call you using the number right away, even though you’re still in your home country. Simply set your destination phone number to your home, office, or mobile phone number and begin receiving low-cost incoming calls from China. Thus, as you finalize your itinerary, you can leave a local Chinese callback number for your contacts to use.

During Your Trip

Once you arrive, you’ll need to change your ring-to number to a phone that you have access to during your stay. This could be your hotel room phone, your mobile phone (assuming it works and that roaming charges aren’t exorbitant), or a temporary burner phone purchased locally.

Many travelers purchase disposable pre-paid phones in China for this purpose. Once you activate your burner phone, change your ring-to number to your new Chinese mobile phone number.

*Tip: If you have loved ones or colleagues back home who may need to reach you during your trip, consider ordering a second virtual number, this time for your home country. For example, if they’re in the USA, they can dial a US toll-free or local number to reach you in China.

China Virtual Numbers – After Your Trip

If you’ve made new friends or business contacts or have unfinished business in China, you may want to keep your virtual phone number for use afterward. How long you keep it will depend on your specific needs.

Once you’ve wrapped up your business and no longer need the virtual number. Simply cancel it — no questions asked.  Some customers find it useful for their business to have a China phone presence for easy communication with their China-based customers or associates.

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