Kenya Virtual Phone Numbers

Your Kenya international virtual numbers will remove barriers to calling you.

Nairobi Traffic KenyaKenya has one of the strongest market-based economies in East Africa, making it attractive to many businesses.

If you’re thinking of expanding your market into Kenya, international virtual numbers can play an important role in your expansion strategy. Below are a few examples of how you might use Kenya international virtual numbers.

Start Networking with Local Partners

You’ll likely make a few in-country visits as you explore the Kenyan market. You may need to tour local distribution centers or meet with local suppliers. By having a Kenya international virtual number printed on your business cards, you are giving your potential partners a convenient, local way to contact you at any time — even if you are located on the other side of the world.

Your Kenya international virtual numbers will remove barriers to calling you. For example, if you give your Kenyan partners your phone number for your office in Indonesia, they may balk at calling you because the number looks different from what they’re accustomed to dialing — or they may worry about how much it will cost to call you.

In contrast, they won’t blink an eye if you give them a local or toll free number for Kenya.

Use Your Kenya International Virtual Number to Make Cheap International Calls When Visiting Kenya

While you’re in Kenya, you’ll likely need to call home occasionally. Rather than dealing with an international operator or calling card, simply change your virtual number’s “ring to” number to the phone number you’d like to call, and then dial the local Kenya virtual number. You’ll gain access to our PSTN network — and our low international calling rates.

Set Up Your Office to Receive Customer Calls from Kenya

Finally, once you’re ready to begin marketing your goods and services to the Kenyan marketplace, you’ll want to order a toll free international virtual number for your customers to call when they have a question, want to place an order, or require technical support. Again, you can set the virtual number’s ring to number to just about any phone number in the world. This could be your main office, a third party call center, or the home phone number for your home-based customer service representative who will be handling incoming calls from Kenya.

These are but a few ways you can use international virtual numbers in Kenya. How have you used virtual numbers in your business?

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