Staying in Touch While in Kenya with Global Phone Services

Like our international conferencing service, our global virtual numbers use high quality PSTN networks for superior audio quality.

Nairobi Kenya SkylineTraveling to Kenya or staying in the country for an extended time period is both exciting and potentially daunting. How will you stay in touch with your family and business associate’s when you’re deep in the heart of Africa?

Global Phone Services — Kenya International Conference Calls

Kenya is less remote when you have access to global phone services. For group communications, international conference calls are the answer. With a Kenya international conference call, for example, you and your contacts will each dial a regular phone number (either toll free or local to the country you are in) and enter a passcode. You will then be joined into an audio conference room where you can converse with one another.

It’s important to choose a high quality international conferencing service to ensure that the sound quality is crisp and without background noise, drop outs, stuttering, or delays. Our international conferencing technology is modern and based on PSTN networks and not VoIP which is notorious for QoS issues.

Global access numbers are also important. For example, Americans may have trouble or worry about costs if presented with a Kenya international conferencing number. Thus, your callers in USA should be able to dial a toll free number to reach you in Kenya. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t be able to use that same toll free number while in Kenya because toll free numbers only work in their designated regions. Thus, with our service, you’d be able to dial a toll free access number for Kenya.

Our Kenya international conferencing service makes global conferencing easy, is an affordable pay-as-you-go service, and features superior audio quality.

Global Phone Services — Kenya Virtual Numbers

What about one-on-one calls during your stay in Kenya? Global virtual numbers are a great way to ensure that your family and colleagues can easily reach you. A global virtual number is essentially a call forwarding number because you can assign the ring-to number to ring to any phone in the world.

If your contacts are in USA and you’re in Kenya, you can get USA phone numbers for them to dial, either city specific or toll free, and then call forward those calls to a hotel, cell, or landline phone number in Kenya.

Similarly, you could get a Kenya toll-free number or a local Nairobi number and then set the destination number to ring to a phone in USA — or any other country for that matter.

Like our international conferencing service, our global virtual numbers use high quality PSTN networks for superior audio quality. They’re loaded with features such as local ring tones, auto attendant, voicemail extensions, and more. These are month-to-month plans with no contract, allowing for the ultimate in flexibility and low costs.

Using our global phone services like international conferencing and global virtual numbers in Kenya is easy and affordable. Stay in touch no matter how long you’ll be staying in Kenya.

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