Host a Successful Netherlands Conference Call

Check our legacy and expanded plans to view the per minute rates for more than 150 network global access points supported.

The Hague Reflection Buildings NetherlandsHosting a global conference call from the Netherlands, or with participants located in the Netherlands, is a great way to control business costs yet communicate with a geographically diverse group of people.

However, there are a few logistical challenges you’ll need to overcome in order to host a successful group audio call. Here’s what you need to know in order to get the most out of your international teleconferences.

Netherlands Conference Call Access Numbers

Netherlands Toll-Free 080026#####

Amsterdam Local 02070#####

  • Sign up for the right international conference calling plan — Various global conferencing options are available, but you’ll want to make sure you have a quality connection among all participants and that everyone, including those in the Netherlands, can easily connect to your conference. Check our legacy and expanded plans to view the per minute rates for more than 100 countries currently supported. Our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans provide you with everything you need for a successful group audio call in the Netherlands and beyond.
  • Plan your Netherlands conference call — Time is a precious resource, and your participants will appreciate a concise, logical, and well-run agenda. If you would like other attendees to present specific agenda items, make sure to let them know well in advance what they’ll be responsible for sharing with the group. Think about time differences and schedule the call with them in mind. It’s not always possible to avoid late night or early morning calls for some participants, but do your best to keep disruption to a minimum.
  • Invite the right attendees — Determine who should attend the Netherlands global conference call as it happens live and who might be able to benefit from listening to an MP3 audio recording after the fact. For example, is it necessary for every single team member to attend the call live or would it be smarter to have a representative from each regional office attend the international conference call and then later share the recording with their teammates? Not only can this strategy keep the group audio call from becoming too large, you’ll have fewer participants, and therefore, lower international conference calling costs.
  • Issue country-specific international conference call access numbers — For example, attendees in the Netherlands would dial a Netherlands access number in order to join your international conference call while those located in other countries would dial an access number local to their own countries. Our international conference calling service includes support for more than 65 countries — and more than 100 countries on our extended plan.
  • Use the live conference call viewer — Our live conference call viewer puts several global conference calling tools at your fingertips. At a glance, you’ll be able to see the status of each participant as well as be able to: mute participants, put a caller on hold, lock the conference, record the call, dial a participant directly, and more.

Hosting a global conference call in the Netherlands is both easy and affordable with our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans.

There are no contracts or usage requirements. Host as many Netherlands international conference calls as you’d like, and cancel at anytime. Sign up for an account today and pay only for the group audio calls you host.

Greece Global Conferencing

For example, your participants in France will dial a number local to Paris or France toll free number while your participants in Denmark might dial a number local to Copenhagen.

athens greece acropolisNot sure what you need to conduct a global conference call while in Greece?

Global conferencing is a bit trickier than hosting a conference call with attendees residing in the same country, but it’s quite easy once you have the right service provider.

Here’s what you need for successful international conference calls from Greece:

  • A reliable, high quality Greece global conferencing service provider. While it may be fine to use VoIP, Google Hangouts, or Skype to communicate with loved ones overseas, you’ve likely encountered a few glitches and sound quality problems along the way. These are undesirable when hosting business conference calls. Our Greece global conferencing plan utilizes fiber optic PSTN networks for the best sound quality and reliable available — and our rates are highly competitive.
  • Any type of phone. There’s no software to download or hardware to buy. In fact, you can use virtually any type of phone including landlines, mobile phones, or VoIP phones. So can your Greece global conference call participants.

Is it really that easy to host conference calls in Greece? For the most part it is. Once you’ve signed up for a pay-as-you-go international conference calling plan, you can begin hosting conference calls in Greece and around the world. Here’s where it gets tricky: your attendees will need access phone numbers in order to join the call.

With traditional, domestic calls, everyone dials the same access number so setting up the call is a simple matter of scheduling it and sharing the start time and access number with the group.

With Greece global conference calls, you’ll have participants around the world. If you were to give them a Greek access number, many won’t join the call. Some will join, but with reservations and potential resentment about having to pay international long distance charges. Others will try to join but have trouble dialing out of their countries.

That’s where having an international conferencing plan proves invaluable. With our Greece global conferencing solution, you can host the call in Greece and issue international toll free and local access numbers to your participants.

For example, your participants in France will dial a number local to Paris or toll free while your participants in Denmark might dial a number local to Copenhagen. With each participant having a local or toll free option, your call participation rate should be much higher than if you had issued a Greece access number for the conference call.

We’re proud of our Greece global conferencing plan. It’s flexible, affordable, high quality, easy to use, and loaded with premium features such as 24/7 US-based operators, MP3 audio recording, moderator dial-out, and a free Connect App.

We offer international conferencing plans on a no-contract, pay-as-you-go basis with no cancellation penalties.

Have you ever had to host a global conference call in Greece (or anywhere else for that matter)?

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Hong Kong Conference Call Helps Manage Your Global Supply Chain

For this type of conference call, it’s smart to use an international conferencing service that supports all of the countries involved.

Hong Kong Conference Call | In an increasingly global business world, the supply chain for manufacturers of all sizes has expanded accordingly. Whether you’re located in Hong Kong or have suppliers located there, one way to manage your global supply chain involves the use of Hong Kong conference calls.

Hong Kong Skyline at Night

When Might You Need to Host a Hong Kong International Meeting?

In general, if you need to communicate with two or more international suppliers, contractors, business bankers, warehouse personnel, transport operators, port authorities, or others involved in your supply chain, holding an international conference call is one of the best choices available.

For example, you might need to host a Hong Kong conference call when a contractor in Hong Kong needs clarification on a spec and your engineers are located in another country. For this type of conference call, it’s smart to use an international conferencing service that supports all of the countries involved.

Another time you might need to host a conference call in Hong Kong might be to stay in touch with your team back home while you’re visiting the area. For example, if you’re in Hong Kong to tour manufacturing facilities and there’s a crisis back home, you could quickly initiate and schedule a conference call with key personnel no matter where in the world they may be.

If your import or export goods are being held up at the ports for some reason, holding an international conference call between your suppliers, port authorities, legal team, or other interested parties may be all that’s needed to get to the root of the problem and clear up the matter.

How Hong Kong Conferencing Works

With our international conference calling plans, the participants located in Hong Kong would join your Hong Kong conference call by dialing a local access number for Hong Kong (or a toll free number if you prefer). Meanwhile, your engineers would each be give local or toll free access numbers specific to their own countries.

By issuing regional access numbers, your participants can dial local or toll free numbers to join the Hong Kong conference call. This keeps their costs low (or non-existent) and avoids confusion. Regardless of what access number each participant dials, all calls are forwarded to a central conference room where the call takes place.

Who Pays for Hong Kong Conference Calls?

The account holder is ultimately responsible for paying for Hong Kong conference calls. Each call is billed on a per minute, per person basis based on the specific international calling costs for the countries involved. Generally speaking, toll free access will cost more than local access numbers, and “dial out” (a feature where you dial participants directly and join them to the call) is the least expensive option.

To give you an idea, as of this writing, the per minute rate for Hong Kong conference call participants is just $0.08 per minute while the per minute rate for a USA participant is less than three cents per minute ($0.026). Assuming a 10-minute conference with three participants in Hong Kong and three more in the USA, your Hong Kong conference call would cost just $3.18 — that’s just $2.40 for your Hong Kong participants and $0.78 for your USA participants), everyone dials-in to the call using the Hong Kong toll-free number and the U.S. toll-free access number. The call is billed to the main account holder, not the guests.

When it comes to managing your global supply chain, there will be challenges, issues, and conflicts that will need to be resolved promptly. Having a pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan available to you at any time is a smart move.

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Calls that connect you globally

The combination of technology, low costs, ease of use, and quality has contributed to doing business internationally a reality.

Calls that connect you globallyBusinesses are connected like never before thanks to communications innovations such as  global conference calling and virtual phone number technology. Not only is this real and happening, costs are remarkably low.

Now, people can communicate with others around the world while keeping travel to a minimum and without huge phone bills by using global conference calls and virtual numbers for quickly creating a presence in another country.

Best of all, line quality has kept up with the technologies. The combination of technology, low costs, ease of use, and quality has contributed to doing business internationally a reality. While email and traditional long distance phone calls have their place with international collaboration, virtual numbers and group overseas calls have become essential.

Rather than connecting two individuals from opposite ends of the earth, a global conference call brings together an entire international dispersed team. Global Conference calls allow for cost-effective group communications and interactions. Because everyone can speak to one another and hear and understand voice inflection and tone, communication is far more effective than exchanging group email messages.

Overseas Call forwarding is an amazing way to set up shop in the communities that you want to serve, either locally or internationally, without having to go through the hassles and the expense of setting up a physical location.

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Conducting Your First International Group Audio Conference

With an international teleconference, it’s often difficult to schedule a time accommodates everyone due to time zone differences.

Holding a group audio conference is a fantastic way to communicate with a geographically diverse team or group.

Group International Audio ConferenceNot only are group conference calls less expensive than meeting in person, they are much more convenient for everyone involved. If participants are located around the globe, you’ll appreciate the savings and convenience. However, holding international conference calls is a little different than holding domestic ones. Here’s what you need to know to make your first international group audio conference a success.

1. Start with an international conference call service provider. Since you’ll have participants calling from around the world, each will need a convenient method of reaching the conference. As you know, each country has its own dialing conventions. You want each participant to feel comfortable dialing your group audio conference. Working with a service provider who specializes in group international conferencing gives you access to local and toll free numbers for each of the countries involved.

2. Take advantage of “dial out” rates for high cost countries. Rates vary by country with some countries being dramatically more expensive per minute than others. For those with high costs, use the service provider’s “dial out” service to dial participants in those countries directly. You will almost always get a substantially lower rate per minute when you do this. In addition, you can preprogram these numbers so that the system automatically dials participants at the appointed time.

3. Familiarize yourself with moderator controls before the call. Invariably, someone on the call will leave his or her microphone unmuted, subjecting the entire group to distracting background noise. Fortunately, you can mute callers. Make sure you know how before the call begins.

4. Have an agenda. A group conference call is a cost effective alternative to other types of conferences. However, you will still be paying on a per minute, per participant basis in most cases. In order to ensure an efficient meeting, map out an agenda in advance and stick to it. Not only will this help you stick to your budget, your participants will appreciate a well-organized group conference call that respects their time.

5. Record your group audio conference call. With an international teleconference, it’s often difficult to schedule a time accommodates everyone due to time zone differences. However, if you record your call, you can later distribute the recording to those who were unable to attend in person.

Holding a group audio conference is relatively easy to set up and execute — if you choose the right international conference call service. Look for a provider that supports the countries involved, offers the best audio quality, and offers user-friendly calling features such as MP3 recording and automated dial out. does all of the above and more. With low calling rates, toll free support for over 100 countries, 24/7 operator assistance, and no contract, term requirement, or monthly fees, your next group audio conference is sure to be a resounding success!

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