Business Planning and Collaboration in Japan with Conference Calls

While many would likely buy your next ebook, there are some who would be interested in getting personalized attention via a group coaching call.

Japan Conference CallIf you do business in, or with partners in, Japan, conference calls are an affordable way to communicate.

Using an international conference calling service that supports Japan and the countries your other participants are located in is highly recommended as it will eliminate barriers and facilitate group collaboration.

Why Hold Japanese Conference Calls Instead of Group Web Chats and Other Forms of Electronic Communication?

Group audio calls are efficient. Oftentimes, several people will need to voice their concerns or provide status updates. A group audio call is an ideal way for everyone to have their say and for everyone to hear the same message.

Group emails, discussion boards, and other text-based messaging systems have their place, too, but they can also lead to misunderstandings — especially when communicating with partners from different cultures. With a Japan conference call, participants can ask for clarification as well as glean context from the speaker’s tone of voice.

Business Use Cases for Japanese Conference Calling

Japan is a major international trading partner with robust import and export relationships with businesses from around the world. If you are exploring the Japanese market, holding conference calls with local authorities, distributors, media, and other partners would be an efficient use of your time. With an international conference calling service, you could also patch in colleagues and partners located in other parts of the world.

Similarly, if you will be importing goods and raw materials from Japan, conference calling can be used to negotiate contracts, coordinate orders, troubleshoot issues, and plan the next phase of production.

It’s not unusual for a business to send employees to Japan on business. While these employees will certainly remain in touch with their colleagues back at home via various means, they may need to collaborate with team members scattered across multiple countries.

For example, if you have employees overseeing IT installations in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and Ireland and need to troubleshoot a newly discovered security issue with each of these team members, an international conference call would be the ideal way to share information, brainstorm ideas, and come up with an action plan.

Another way business professionals take advantage of Japan conference calls is by holding tele-seminars or coaching calls using group audio calls. For example, let’s say you’re a professional development coach with a large following of Japanese business people. While many would likely buy your next ebook, there are some who would be interested in getting personalized attention via a group coaching call.

With a Japan conference call, your followers would dial a Japanese phone number, either local or toll free, to join the call. Meanwhile, you could be anywhere in the world. There’s no need to fly to Japan, and you could record your calls and repackage them as a training course.

These are just a few of the many ways businesses use Japan conference calling. How do you use conference calls in your business?

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Expanded International Conference Call

Connect with anyone in any country utilizing a group expanded international conference call.

International Video Conferencing

Can a participant join your conference call from their country?

If you host a diverse location conference call with attendees in remote countries, network access numbers probably are available, but not always.  It is not because we don’t try to provide access, it’s because in some countries the internet is still not available for a variety of reasons. These can be political issues or infrastructure related in that country.

International Video Conference Call Service

The International Video service includes wifi conferencing so no dial-in access numbers are necessary, just an internet connection using any web-enabled device. And HD audio is included.

In addition to convenient web/browser access enabling an attendee to join your call using their PC, MAC, or mobile device from inside their country, the International Video Conferencing service also provides the moderator a host of business quality features.

Expanded international conference call use case

For instance, recently a customer based in New York had a project in progress in Bermuda.  So, the chairperson uses the expanded international conference call plan with web access sends the Bermuda meeting attendees an invite for their weekly call.  The other attendees located in the US, Kenya, and the UK meeting guests access the call the same way, by clicking a link at no cost to them. There are no downloads. And PINs are optional for the attendees. Meaning that if you are meeting with the same group, you have the option of not requiring a PIN code to join your video call.

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Be careful with the company you choose

Some companies offer host-based pricing models that can be 60% to 70% higher than found here.

The Expanded international conference call plan is an all-inclusive, high-powered, intercontinental business collaboration tool with global cloud access guaranteed using Amazon Web Services Cloud-based Data Servers in 84 countries.

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