What You May Not Know About International Call Forwarding

For example, if the person who usually handles all incoming calls from Italy calls in sick, you could change the ring to number for your Italian call forwarding number to ring to another qualified, Italian-speaking person in your company.

What You May Not Know About International Call ForwardingThink that all there is to using an international call forwarding number is getting the number and then setting its “ring to” number? Think again. Yes, setting up an international call forwarding number can be as simple as that.

However, to squeeze the most value out of your global phone number, you may want to learn more about international call forwarding and the numerous features available to you.

Make an Impact with International Call Forwarding

Getting a global call forwarding number could immediately transform your local business into one with international appeal. For example, if you’ve recently begun selling products in Brazil, listing a toll free Brazilian number on your product packaging would reassure consumers that your business is readily accessible. In contrast, listing a number for a company located in North America, Europe, or Asia may cause Brazilian consumers to reconsider their purchase.

Sound Local with Local Ring Tones

Did you know that the sound of a ringing telephone varies from region to region? A caller may hear a different ring tone when dialing London than when calling Hong Kong. For those who frequently call specific countries, a mismatch between ring tones could be jarring. Avoid confusing callers by using local ring tones whenever possible.

Handle Global Phone Calls Night and Day with an Auto Attendant

One of the biggest potential problems with issuing an international call forwarding number and answering it on the other side of the world has to do with time zone differences. Fortunately, this problem can be handled by an auto attendant. For example, you can set up your global call forwarding number so that it rings to different phone numbers (such as various call centers located around the world) based on the time of day a call comes in. You could also roll calls to voicemail at a specific time.

Create a Virtual PBX with an International Call Forwarding Number

You can take call routing even further by configuring your international call forwarding number so that it serves as a virtual PBX system. For example, you could set up your call forwarding number to greet callers with a recorded greeting. From there, the auto attendant could instruct callers to push specific buttons on their keypads in order to: speak with a customer service representative, reach technical support, get directions to your office, leave a message, or anything else.

Never Miss a Call with Simultaneous Ringing

What happens if ten people call your international call forwarding number at the same time? One option is to set up simultaneous call forwarding to multiple phone numbers at the same time.

Eliminate Your Fax Machine

Tired of paying for an extra phone line for a fax machine that rarely gets used? Your global call forwarding number can accept faxes. Any incoming fax will be converted to a PDF or image document and then emailed to the email address of your choice.

Month-to-Month International Call Forwarding

International call forwarding numbers can be ordered and used on a month-to-month basis with no long term contracts. If you need a temporary or long-term call forwarding solution, these plans provide fantastic features, low rates, and the flexibility your business needs.

Change Your Ring To Number On the Fly

It’s possible to change your ring to number quickly and easily, and as often as you’d like. For example, if the person who usually handles all incoming calls from Italy calls in sick, you could change the ring to number for your Italian call forwarding number to ring to another qualified, Italian-speaking person in your company.

These are but a few of the many ways you can use international call forwarding numbers. Don’t just “set it and forget it,” take advantage of your global call forwarding plan’s advanced features.

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Benefits of Call Forwarding Faxes

International Fax Forwarding
International Fax Forwarding

The Benefits of Call Forwarding Faxes

Tired of buying, paper, toner, or ink cartridges for your fax machine? Tired of yet another piece of office equipment taking up valuable desk space in your office? What about the hassles of maintaining and paying for an extra phone line for a clunky fax machine that rarely gets used?

Though email and document sharing sites have decreased the business world’s reliance on fax machines, they aren’t completely obsolete. Some businesses rely on them, making it necessary for other businesses to be able to receive faxes.

Whether you receive one fax a year or one hundred thousand of them, consider getting a call forward fax number. Call forwarding faxes allows you to receive faxes as PDF attachments that you can view and save on your computer. As you can imagine, this is extremely beneficial. Note, however, that local, toll free, and international fax call forwarding does not provide you with a way to send faxes to others. If you rarely need to fax documents to other people and want a convenient way to receive faxes, fax call forwarding is the perfect solution.

What to Expect With Call Forwarding Faxes

  • No fax machine required – Set up a toll free fax forwarding number or a local call forwarding fax number and configure it to forward incoming faxes to your inbox. There’s no need to purchase or maintain a fax machine.
  • Reduced faxing costs – Not only is it not necessary to purchase a fax machine, there’s no need to pay for a separate phone line for your incoming faxes. With fax forwarding, you pay for usage.
  • Eco-friendly choice – Since fax forwarding routes your incoming faxes to your inbox, you decide which faxes, if any, to print. All of your incoming faxes appear as PDF documents that you can read on your computer. In many cases, faxes are informational and do not need to be printed. In other cases, you can annotate PDFs, save them to your computer, and forward them as email attachments. By choosing fax forwarding, you can use less paper, toner, and ink.
  • Archived faxes – It’s not necessarily practical to file every single fax that comes through your office fax machine. However, it is easy to save PDF file attachments. If you want to keep an archive of your received faxes, doing so is as simple as clicking “Save as.” In addition, you can retrieve your received faxes after the fact via your online fax forwarding dashboard.
  • More desk space – While fax machines aren’t necessarily huge, they do take up some space as do their supplies. Moving to a fax forwarding solution allows you to reduce the clutter in your office.

Fax call forwarding plans allow you to receive international and local faxes with ease. Instead of receiving faxes on a fax machine, have them routed to your inbox as PDF documents. Fax call forwarding saves you money, reduces your carbon footprint, and frees up office space. Plus, all of your received documents can be archived for future reference.

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