Setting Up a Bermuda Global Conference Call

Note that even within a single country, rates vary depending on if the access number is a local or toll free number.

Front Street Hamilton BermudaNeed to host a Global Conference Call in Bermuda?

Whether you’re a full-time resident of Bermuda or a visitor, hosting a global conference call in Bermuda with participants around the world is surprisingly easy. Here’s what’s involved.

  1. International access numbers are a must. When you host a global conference call, in Bermuda or anywhere else in the world, your international attendees must dial a phone number in order to join the call. While participants in Bermuda expect to dial a Bermuda phone number, those located in other countries will be put off by the expectation that they make a potentially costly international phone call. Some international callers will have trouble, requiring operator assistance to dial outside of their countries.

Avoid these problems altogether by using our international conference calling service. We offer both local and toll free access numbers for countries around the world and low per minute rates. Participants from Brazil will dial a Brazilian access number; callers from Canada will dial a Canadian access number; attendees from Japan will dial a Japanese access number; and so on. All will be immediately connected to your Bermuda global conference call.

  1. Make sure to consider time differences. When scheduling your global Bermuda conference call, use a world time zone map to help you select the most convenient time for the conference for the bulk of the attendees. Depending on the countries involved, it may be impossible to schedule a 100 percent convenient time for 100 percent of your participants. If so, pay close attention to the next step.
  1. Record the global conference call. Set up call recording so that those who cannot attend the teleconference as it takes place can later listen to the recording. Depending on the nature of the call, such as a sales training class, you may even want to keep the recording for future reference. Our global conference call plans create MP3 files of your recordings that can easily be downloaded and shared.
  1. Calculate the potential cost of the Bermuda global conference call. Estimate the potential cost of your Bermuda conference call is relatively easy, but you’ll need to look up the country rates for each country involved. Note that even within a single country, rates vary depending on if the access number is a local or toll free number. Mobile callers sometimes have higher rates, and if you use moderator dial-out, you’ll usually get a much lower rate.

To calculate the conference call’s cost, the basic formula is as follows:

(Number of attendees) x (country’s per minute rate x duration of call in minutes)

For example, a 20-minute global conference call with 5 attendees in a country with a rate of 7 cents per minute would work out like this:

5 attendees x (0.07/minute x 20 minutes) = $7

If you have callers from different countries or with different rates, you’ll need to perform additional calculations and then add them all together.

  1. Sign up for a pay-as-you-go Bermuda global conference call plan. Whether you need to hold regular international conference calls or have a one-time need, our pay-as-you-go plans are ideal. You’re billed only for the minutes you use, making our global conferencing solutions extremely flexible. There’s no contract to sign, no monthly fee, and no hassles. And, most importantly, call quality is exceptional for all parties involved thanks to the use of an advanced PSTN network.

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