Chairing Global Conference Calls in United Arab Emirates

You’ll need to find a convenient means of joining a geographically diverse group together into a group audio call.

Cityscape Dubai Fog Sunrise Burj UAEDoing business in the United Arab Emirates often requires international communications with partners, colleagues, suppliers, contractors, and business associates around the world. Whether you’re in the United Arab Emirates for business or pleasure, you may find the need to conduct a group audio UAE conference call with attendees from around the globe.

This could be an ongoing need, or it could be something you plan on utilizing on a regular basis. In either case, you’ll need to find a convenient means of joining a geographically diverse group together into a group audio call. Global conference calls in United Arab Emirates require a plan. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Sign up for a global conference calling plan. Note that international conference calling services are different from domestic ones. Your traditional conference calling plan won’t support international callers. Our contract-free, pay-as-you-go United Arab Emirates plans are perfect, and they’re loaded with features. Choose from toll free or local access numbers, or use the optional dial-out feature to dial some attendees directly. Hosting a call is easy, and everyone dials a local access number to join the call. Our rates are highly competitive, and the sound quality is excellent thanks to fiberoptic PSTN networks.
  1. Schedule the United Arab Emirates conference call. Depending on where your attendees are located, this may require some scheduling flexibility. Keep time differences in mind. You can schedule calls in advance or host them on the fly. Consider recording your global conference calls, too. This allows you to share them with participants after the fact, especially those who missed the call.
  1. Get familiar with the features available to you. Our plans are packed with useful features such as the aforementioned MP3 call recording and moderator dial-out features. Spend some time getting comfortable with the online account management dashboard, live conference viewer, and mobile Connect App.
  1. Learn how to calculate the cost of your United Arab Emirates conference calls. As you know, holding global conference calls is far cheaper than hosting live events because travel and a physical conference room are not required. However, you’re likely accountable for your spending. Take a look at the per minute rates for each participant’s countries, multiply those rates by the number of participants per country, and then add them up to get a total cost per minute. Multiply that number by the estimated number of minutes your call is expected to last.

For example, if you have 3 participants in USA, 2 (counting yourself) in the United Arab Emirates, and 5 participants in Ireland, you’d need to look up the per minute rate for USA 2.6 cents ($0.026), United Arab Emirates ($0.38) and Ireland ($0.15) and then multiply them by the number of participants per country.

  1. Start using your United Arab Emirates conference calling plan. As you can see, global conference calls are inexpensive, so take advantage of your plan. With a pay-as-you-go plan, you pay only for the calls you make.

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