Tips for Effective International Conference Calls with Philippines

Recording Philippines conference calls, for example, you may want it strictly for archival or legal purposes or you may want to use it as a training tool for future employees.

manila building philippines binondoInternational conference calling are a great medium for conducting customer service training, collaborating with call center managers, and communication with business partners in the Philippines — even if you and others are located in different countries.

However, like any type of meeting, running an efficient teleconference is important in ensuring that your message is communicated and everyone knows what’s expected of them moving forward. Use the tips below to hold more effective international conference calls in the Philippines and beyond.

  • Make joining the call as easy as possible. Provide participants with local or toll free access numbers to join your Philippines conference calls. Not only will this reduce or eliminate their potential costs, it will avoid any confusion that may accompany dialing international phone numbers. Encourage participants to use our free Connect app, which makes joining and managing global conference calls a breeze.
  • Start and end your global conference calls on time. Sticking to a well-managed schedule allows everyone to get back to business, and it shows respect for everyone’s time. Consider that your call may be taking place at an inconvenient hour due to global time zone differences, too. Unless you’re in a crisis situation, consider holding a series of shorter, more focused calls, rather than a long marathon session. Use a timer or alarm to help you better manage your conference call’s duration.
  • Designate someone to act as the conference call’s secretary. This person will take meeting minutes and ensure that the minutes and all action steps are distributed to all participants after the call.
  • Consider recording the Philippines global conference call as well. With just a tap of a button, you can record your global conference call in MP3 format. This recording can be used as you see fit. For example, you may want it strictly for archival or legal purposes or you may want to use it as a training tool for future employees. If you have some participants who missed the call originally, you could email them the MP3 file and quickly get them up to speed.
  • Use a high quality, reliable Philippines global conference calling service. With participants located in the Philippines and other countries around the world, audio quality should be a top concern. Unfortunately, not all global conference calling services offer the same level of quality or reliability. With our service, all of your global conference calls will be routed over modern, PSTN fiberoptic telecommunications networks for the best quality of service and reliability out there.
  • Hold Philippines global conference calls on a regular basis. By hosting regular international group calls with your team, you will build rapport, be able to focus on issues in greater depth, and create a communications routine that bridges geographic distances. How often you host Philippines conference calls should be up to you and your specific needs, not the terms of your international conference calling contract. That’s why we recommend choosing one of our pay-as-you-go global conferencing plans. We have competitive rates and all of the advanced features you’d expect of a premium international teleconferencing service — all with no contact, no minimums, and no hassles.

Example per minute rates for conference calls between US and the Philippines:

Philippines Dial-Out rate = $0.11 /minute
U.S. rate = 2.6¢ /minute

Access the international conferencing bridge from Manila,
Quezon City, Makati, Caloocan, Davao City, Cebu City
Zamboanga City, Antipolo, Pasig, Taguig

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Host a Successful Netherlands Conference Call

Check our legacy and expanded plans to view the per minute rates for more than 150 network global access points supported.

The Hague Reflection Buildings NetherlandsHosting a global conference call from the Netherlands, or with participants located in the Netherlands, is a great way to control business costs yet communicate with a geographically diverse group of people.

However, there are a few logistical challenges you’ll need to overcome in order to host a successful group audio call. Here’s what you need to know in order to get the most out of your international teleconferences.

Netherlands Conference Call Access Numbers

Netherlands Toll-Free 080026#####

Amsterdam Local 02070#####

  • Sign up for the right international conference calling plan — Various global conferencing options are available, but you’ll want to make sure you have a quality connection among all participants and that everyone, including those in the Netherlands, can easily connect to your conference. Check our legacy and expanded plans to view the per minute rates for more than 100 countries currently supported. Our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans provide you with everything you need for a successful group audio call in the Netherlands and beyond.
  • Plan your Netherlands conference call — Time is a precious resource, and your participants will appreciate a concise, logical, and well-run agenda. If you would like other attendees to present specific agenda items, make sure to let them know well in advance what they’ll be responsible for sharing with the group. Think about time differences and schedule the call with them in mind. It’s not always possible to avoid late night or early morning calls for some participants, but do your best to keep disruption to a minimum.
  • Invite the right attendees — Determine who should attend the Netherlands global conference call as it happens live and who might be able to benefit from listening to an MP3 audio recording after the fact. For example, is it necessary for every single team member to attend the call live or would it be smarter to have a representative from each regional office attend the international conference call and then later share the recording with their teammates? Not only can this strategy keep the group audio call from becoming too large, you’ll have fewer participants, and therefore, lower international conference calling costs.
  • Issue country-specific international conference call access numbers — For example, attendees in the Netherlands would dial a Netherlands access number in order to join your international conference call while those located in other countries would dial an access number local to their own countries. Our international conference calling service includes support for more than 65 countries — and more than 100 countries on our extended plan.
  • Use the live conference call viewer — Our live conference call viewer puts several global conference calling tools at your fingertips. At a glance, you’ll be able to see the status of each participant as well as be able to: mute participants, put a caller on hold, lock the conference, record the call, dial a participant directly, and more.

Hosting a global conference call in the Netherlands is both easy and affordable with our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans.

There are no contracts or usage requirements. Host as many Netherlands international conference calls as you’d like, and cancel at anytime. Sign up for an account today and pay only for the group audio calls you host.

Monaco International Conference Call Guide

There are no contracts to sign, minimum usage requirements, or cancellation penalties to worry about. Simply host global | Monaco conference calls as needed.

Monaco City view , Principality of MonacoNeed to host a global conference call in Monaco or with participants in Monaco?

As soon as a group audio call involves participants from different countries, it immediately becomes more complex without specialized help.

Simplify your international conference calls in Monaco with this guide below.

  • Provide convenient, local access numbers. If you have attendees in Monaco, France, Spain, Ireland, Brazil, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, most will balk at dialing international access numbers. Not only will they be concerned about the costs they could incur, some will require operator assistance. Others will struggle to connect to your call as they may not be aware of the need to dial their country’s exit code. If you use an international conference calling service that supports each of the countries involved, you can issue local access numbers unique to each attendee’s country. Callers from Monaco will dial a Monaco access number while those in Brazil will dial a Brazilian access number.
  • Use dial-out when necessary. Moderator dial-out allows you to dial participants directly, usually at a lower per minute rate. This is a great option for attendees who live in countries where toll free access rates are either too high or unavailable.
  • Record your Monaco conference calls. Recordings are useful when some participants are unable to attend the call. Unfortunately with global conference calls, sometimes calls take place in the middle of the night for some participants. Rather than expecting them to set their alarms and join your call at 2 a.m. local time, record the call and then send them the MP3 recording.
  • Make and follow an agenda. People around the globe are busy, with many personal and business demands on their time. Participating in international conference calls in Monaco and other countries becomes more palatable when participants can see the agenda beforehand, find out how long the call is expected to last, and plan accordingly. Make sure to follow your agenda and stick to its time limits. Doing so will earn your attendees’ trust and make them more likely to join any future global conference calls you may have.
  • Pick the right international conference calling plan. Monaco is but one of many countries we support with affordable toll free access numbers. Make sure to look at the list of supported countries along with their per minute rates and the plan’s unique features, benefits, and costs to make sure that whichever global conferencing plan you choose is a good fit for your needs.
  • Consider a pay-as-you-go global conference calling plan. Whether you intend to host Monaco conference calls every day or just occasionally, having one of our pay-as-you-go plans provides you with access to robust conference calling features and a reliable, high quality network whenever you need them. There are no contracts to sign, minimum usage requirements, or cancellation penalties to worry about. Simply host global / Monaco conference calls as needed.

Getting started is easy, and there’s no long-term commitment or contract.

Sign up for an international conference calling plan today and use it whenever required to host your global meetings.

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International Conference Calls for Business Purposes: Matching Services to Purposes

International Conference Business PurposesUsing conference calls for business purposes is an efficient way to communicate with remote participants from around the world.

However, teleconference services come in several different flavors, some of which are suitable for some business purposes but not others. With this in mind, view the list of common conference call services below to choose the right domestic or international conference calling service for your specific business purpose.

Domestic Group Audio Calls

Domestic group audio calls are one of the most common types of business conference call. These calls involve three or more participants, all located in the same country.

For example, a lawyer in Los Angeles, California may need to hold a group audio call with a local client, several of the firm’s partners located at various offices, and an expert witness in Chicago, Illinois. Because they are all located in the United States, the lawyer could initiate the conference call using a domestic conference calling service.

Alternately, the domestic group call could be initiated through the law firm’s PBX, assuming it has conference calling capabilities and can support the designated number of attendees.

Generally speaking, domestic conference calls are the easiest for business users to set up, manage, and join. Attendees are typically given an access number (which may or may not be toll free depending on the service) to call along with a PIN number. They simply dial the access number and enter the PIN to join the conference.

International Conference Calls

Team ConferenceInternational conference calls for business purposes work in much the same way, but they involve callers from two or more countries. In our previous example, the expert witness was in Chicago, but what if he was located in Scotland or Hong Kong?

What if one of the lawyer’s partners was in Argentina on a business trip? Domestic conference calling services do not support international callers, and callers from abroad are blocked from dialing US toll free numbers.

Obviously, flying expert witnesses in from overseas would be cost prohibitive, and waiting for the other partner to return could cause unnecessary delays. Using an international conference calling service is a much better choice.

International conference calling involves dialing an access number and entering a PIN, just as with domestic service providers. However, call participants dial local or toll free access numbers local to their own countries.

These international access numbers help keep individual costs to a minimum, eliminate dialing confusion, and connect all participants into a single conference room where they can collaborate, negotiate, build relationships, brainstorm ideas, and more.

Because they are easy for everyone involved, international conference calls are used for a variety of business purposes such as:

  • Sales meetings — Bring regional sales managers together in a group audio call
  • Mergers and acquisitions — Iron out the details of a merger or acquisition by hosting a series of international conference calls
  • Recruiting — Pre-screen international job candidates (and save on travel costs) by holding introductory interviews in a group conference call
  • Virtual team meetings — Make sure everyone’s on the same page, despite geographic differences, by holding periodic international conference calls

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is also a good option for communicating with a group of participants domestically or internationally, but there’s an added element of complexity as participants may need to install software or use a certain type of device such as a webcam.

Web Conference MeetingWeb conferencing does allow for a more interactive experience and is ideal when you need to share your computer screen or present your ideas visually. Participants can view slideshows, share files, and chat via audio, webcam, or text messaging — and participants can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have an Internet connection and a compatible device.

The downsides of Web conferencing include: audio and video quality (data is routed over the Web, so delays, dropouts, and other issues are at play), hardware and software requirements, the learning curve, and Internet access requirements.

When should you use Web conferencing over international conference calls? For business purposes where you need to share files and visual information in real time.

Web conferencing is commonly used for the following business purposes:

  • Software demos and training
  • “Webinars” where a sales presentation is presented to a group
  • Team meetings where files may need to be exchanged or screens shared
  • Video interviews and depositions where non-verbal cues like facial expressions can tell more of the story
  • Negotiations where it may be expedient to be able to send a contract instantly or set up an account together

Skype for Business

skype-businessSkype for Business is another cost-effective option that allows you to host online audio or video meetings with up to 250 participants. Skype for Business is available as a standalone plan or as a part of Microsoft Office 365.

Some of the features Skype for Business users appreciate include:

  • Integration with Outlook
  • File transfers via instant messaging
  • Group instant messaging
  • Advanced meeting options like polling and Q&As

Skype for Business is often used for internal communications, and some external calls, within an organization, but it can get expensive with its per user, per month fees. To get the best price, you must commit to an annual subscription. Another potential downside is that audio, video, and Web conferencing use VoIP rather than traditional voice networks. This can result in sound quality issues.

As you can see, each of these business conferencing options has its place. If most of your conference calls take place within a single country, a domestic service may be just right. If you need the ability to share screens or files during the conference, a Web conferencing solution or Skype for Business might be just right. If you have international participants, an international conference calling plan will be essential — and sound quality of utmost importance.

Sometimes, simplicity is best, and making international conference calls for business purposes is as simple as it gets when you choose one of our high quality, pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans.

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